UCM Acapella to shoot their first music vide

04th September 2017
TALENTED: F/Town based acapella group Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

The Unnonimous Caninez Monk (UCM) Acapella group, comprised of four youth based in Francistown, is currently preparing to shoot their first video. This is a commendable move by the group, who have hit the ground running after switching from hip-hop dancing.

The group members are Kaizer Kabo, Roxy Julius, Sherperd Maikutlo and Bonny Macheke, the only female voice which is melodically and harmonious combined with the three male voices to make them a formidable group who will surely have music lovers from all walks of life eating from the palm of their hand thanks to their refreshing singing talent. Macheke, who is the group leader explained to Vibe that when they started the group, they never had any idea that one day they would switch to singing and mesmerise fans in the northern part of the country not to mention release a classical video.

Speaking in exclusive interview, Macheke revealed that plans to shoot a music video for one of their songs are at an advanced stage. “When we started, we were simply interested in dancing to hip hop beats and songs and none of us had any idea that we will one day be superb singers. As we continued dancing, I realised that we are all good singers hence I brought up the idea that we do accapella, and the whole group embraced the idea.

We were all eager to explore this genre, ”he said. He further said that they started to benchmark against other accapella groups and the group that gave them motivation the most was a group from South Africa called Soil. He explained that in Accapella, they sing live and use some beats and harmonies which when combined gives out nice music to the ears. Macheke noted that since the formation of the group, people in Francistown and surrounding areas have embraced the group as supported by the number of shows they are usuallt invited to. MYSC also recently honoured the group with the best upcoming accapella group gong.

The group also showcased their talent during the BOT50 celebrations where they performed for international guests. Last year, the group was also invited to welcome the British royal Prince Andrew at Marang Hotel in Francistown.

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