01st September 2017
A.T.I Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

He is unarguably the hottest local artist in Botswana right now. ATI is in a league of his own and has continued to proved make critics eat humble pieAfter a hiatus from the music industry, he blessed his fans with a new offering that features the hit song, Khiring Khorong. He has courted controversy over the years but he has remained an enigmatic figure. We spoke to him to find out a few fun things

1.When was your first kiss?

In Form 3. It wasn’t nice. I have never had the kiss that I want. Once I get it maybe that person will be the one.

2. Describe your ideal girlfriend… Someone who is attractive. She should be short, intelligent, funny, easygoing, and an optimist. She must also be interested in photography.

3. Which artist would you want to have dinner with? *Shumba Ratshega.

4. What shoe size do you wear? Size 7

5. What is your favourite food? I like water. I also enjoy chicken and peri peri pie.

6. What are your hobbies? Reading novels, photography and hanging out and exchanging ideas with different people.

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