Amber is a maverick make-up artist

01st September 2017
Amber is a maverick make-up artist Source:SUN Reporter



There is none who comes close to her when it comes to make-up in Maun. Her clients say that she has ‘magic hands’ and she brags that it is the ‘Amberlicious touch’. From weddings to sessions, Gorata Morgan better known as Amber Cuttie Rowley, she never disappoints her clients.

Her brides always look on point to concur on the best days of their lives. Individuals who just like make- up and looking good often find themselves taking a trip to Celebrity Premium Hair Salon where she operates from in Maun. Morgan defines beauty as “Being comfortable about oneself and having all the confidence with or without make up”.

The talented beauty therapist told Vibe that she does make-up, nails, facials, massages and also styles hair. She also provides free lessons for her customers because she believes that every woman should look good. Surprisingly, she did not go to school for make-up nor did she take any lessons from the Internet and she believes that hers is a natural talent. She recalls that at the age of 11-years old, she was already passionate about making up her face and she would not step out of the house without applying powder to her face.

Asked about how unique her make up is from any other make-up artist, she was quick to say that doing make-up should all be about passion, not to try and get money. “In order to do outstanding make up, it should be done from the heart and not just because it is an easy business as some people may think. It takes a skill and as for me, I just look at the client’s face and already know what to do because make up is not supposed to change someone but just enhance their looks.” She added that people have different faces and different skin complexions therefore that is what he considers first.

She also shared that she uses specific brands of foundations and contour powders as they blend in amazingly. Morgan noted that feedback has been positive. “I always get referrals and the response to my work has been overwhelming,” she said. Summer is around the corner and she advises that ladies should consider using matte make-up. “Summer is very hot, therefore make-up has to be matte, flawless and glowing,” she said.

While she is happy with how things are going, she would like to take on higher ground. “I wish Botswana was more advanced, so that I can take my talent further because in a nutshell we business people here sometimes float because of the situation of our country. I had to scratch from my pocket to find a studio to work from and I am investing in that at the moment,” she said.Morgan’s work takes her across Botswana.

She has so far been to Gantsi and Mahalapye for weddings, while she often works her magic on clients including models, in Gaborone. To see more of her work or engage her, visit her Facebook page Amber Cuttie Rowley or call 74030925.

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