Dr Vom brings the roof down at BOPEU Cultural night

10th August 2017
TSAYA THOBANE: Dr Vom always gets the crowds dancing Source:The Midweek Sun

Dr Vom’s Tsaya Thobane is undeniably a killer jam that always gets crowds on their feet dancing. Come rain or sunshine people continue to support the song like it is still brand new. The energetic artist put on a great show on Saturday evening at the BOPEU Cultural night.

Dr Vom received a standing ovation after his performance and many even stood up to dance along. From the moment that he appeared on stage, everyone ululated and people stood up and cheered. Some even carried sticks and demonstrated the lyrics of the song as Dr Vom performed. The whole venue was lit as an electric mood took over, and there were smiles and cheers everywhere.

A pleased fan, Isau Seisa, told this reporter that he always looks forward to Dr Vom’s performances. “He sang very well and the song will forever carry this rich message, reminding us of all the olden good days when Zebras would beat other teams. Tsaya Thobane is a powerful song meaning that we are winners. I came to this show because of this man because I know there is never a dull moment wherever he is,” he said.

He said that the particular song Tsaya Thobane is reminiscent of dikhwaere, which he never missed growing up. Dr Vom, who wore a white robe accessorised with brown, put on a great show and did his best on every song. His dancers also moved in sync with the beat and not to be outdone, his female dancers got down with sticks in their hands. The artist also engaged the audience and got down to the floor and got down with them. Almost everyone wanted to stand next to Dr Vom and jostled to come near him.

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