Dragon tattoo on Berry Heart’s breast is significant

10th August 2017
BERRYLICIOUS: Berry Heart is fuelled by the desire to succeed Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

The dragon tattoo on the left breast of local celebrity Berry Heart is significant as it indicates her characteristic similarities with the powerful animal. She believes that the dragon oozes power and grandeur, luck and wisdom and she is no different.

Speaking to VIBE recently in an exclusive interview, the confident celebrity revealed that she has never applied for a job in her life. Instead, straight after university she buried her head in her corporate branding company, which has since attracted notable business partners. She further noted that she has managed to separate her brand from her company, which has made her success effortless.

In many cultures, the dragon’s fierce, majestic presence makes it a symbol of virtuous qualities, such as bravery, intelligence and ambition which would support her choice of tattoo on her breast. Although she has traversed the universe as a successful young woman and business entrepreneur, she says she remains a humble character who only becomes nasty when provoked.

“I only lash out when I feel betrayed or hurt. I am so humble that when fans ask for my autograph I become shy; I would rather they pretend that I am not there. I get embarrased when people ask to take pictures with me but I have no choice but to agree because I am a celebrated woman and am recognisable on the streets,” she said.

Berry Heart has remained true to herself over the years, although she is one of the most well-travelled local artists. She is also still a UN Goodwill Ambassador in the United Nations Creative Advisory Council. She is doing well as an artist and recently collaborated with Indian artist Ekam Maanuke.

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