ATI finally drops ‘Envelope

08th August 2017
Mr Batho Bame: A.T.I does it for the people Source:The Midweek Sun

The talented ATI has retraced his roots to make captivating music as evidenced in his latest single track titled ‘Khiring-khiring, Khorong-khorong’, currently pumping the airwaves and blazing local radio music charts. ATI released his latest album dubbed ‘Envelope’ last week after a long wait. The Polao Ya Motho hit maker has been quiet for some time but has emerged from his hiatus with an album that will leave music lovers, particularly his fans, absolutely begging for more. ATI was cooking up a music storm if the tracks from the latest album are anything to go by.

The album Envelope boats 20 tracks that will cater to anyone. However, ‘Poelo morago’ seems to be a firm favourite for many and it can be heard pumping from every corner around. In a recent interview, ATI told Vibe that he is humbled by the feedback that he has received since the release of his album. “The feedback has been overwhelming so far; the love has been crazy, it has been amazing, and it has been immense. It is like people are trying to support more than they have ever supported before.” As usual, he added that it is not about him but the people.

“I always put my fans first and I am glad that I released something that is appealing to them,” he said. The hit maker who earned himself legions of fans and cemented his profile the music scene with tracks such as Batho Bame and Polao ya motho, has evidently not lost the passionate streak and approaches his work like special art in order to release music that is relevant and well-produced.

A huge fan of ATI, Mogomotsi Matibini told Vibe that ‘Khiring-khiring, khorong-khorong’ is the best song he has heard this year and he is glad that the artist continues to improve his craft. “ATI has worked hard and what I like about him is his creativity. The man never disappoints; he is a real legend, his songs, his dance moves are all awesome and talking about his stage presence I urge other artists to take after him. He is totally talented, I have already given him an award of the year,” he said. ATI noted that although the album has so many songs, he has not featured any other artist on a single one of them. The ever-energetic multi-dimensional and passion artist launched his album during an evening gig held at the popular Chez Nicholas restaurant in Gaborone.

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