Samantha holds voice training classes

08th August 2017
Passionate songstress: Samantha is helping aspirants singers find their voice Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

Songstress Samantha Mogwe-Kitlanang holds voice coaching classes for anyone who wants to learn how to sing. The talented vocalist says that she decided to start the classes when she realised that demand was high. “I had a lot of people asking me about voice coaches and where they could get help, and it was difficult to refer them to people because the ones I knew and trusted were either extremely busy or not living in Botswana anymore.

I saw this as an opportunity to play my part in passing on the knowledge I have been able to learn over the years in an area I am passionate about,” she says. The classes are open to anyone over the age of 13 interested in learning how to improve on their musical ability. Samantha says that the reception has been overwhelming.”I could only take on a few students at a time simply because I do not want to take away from everything else that I am currently doing. Just three months into the lessons and I am already finding good talent and hearing improvement in some of my clients.” Samantha says that she is back in the studio, creating new music. She explains that she’s experimenting with new concepts.

“I am quite excited to let people hear the new sound that I have been experimenting on. I want to show a fun side to my sound, obviously still showing the heartfelt writing too.” Samantha has managed to reinvent herself but also retain her unique essence because it it important for her to celebrate her true identity. “I have been growing and embracing all the changes I have had to go through. The brand seems to becoming more refined as time goes on, but also as truthful and as authentic as possible.

The sound is a good mix of Soul/Rnb but at the moment my team and I are trying to find elements that will also showcase our culture a bit more than we did in the first album, Transitions.” Samantha admits that it is not easy to break into the music industry. Apart from financial setbacks, she says that getting your name out there can be a challenge. She however advises anyone who wants to make music commercially to work hard.

“Don’t expect people to help you. Instead, focus on improving and growing your sound by practicing and finding as many spaces to perform as possible. Once people see that you take what you love seriously, they will gravitate towards you.” Samantha endeared herself to many with her unique sound that catapulted her to stardom. In 2013, she featured on a Groove Cartell produced song remixed by Spirit Chasers called, ‘You got me singing’. It went on to become the most downloaded house song on Trax Source that year. Her second single, ‘You’, which features Sasa Klaas, is still on high rotation on local radio stations. Samantha also has awards, from the Yarona FM awards and BOMU, under her belt.

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