Ernest Molaodi speaks life into love with 'Boela Gae'

08th August 2017
Ernest Molaodi Source:The Midweek Sun

Ernest Moloadi has released his latest album with the leading song being an emotional ballad titled Boela Gae. The album is named after the song. In the melodic song that can tug at anyone’s heartstrings, Molaodi encourages people to revive their love lives and always remember how loved up they were when they were still courting and has butterflies in the stomach.

Molaodi, whose first single Maikano’, released in 2015, was warmly received in the music industry, told Vibe that his music is influenced by what happens in our social landscape. He lamented that nowadays families are dysfunctional because the other partner would get confused and deny their families true love. “Boela Gae doesn’t literally mean that go back home, but it means that search yourself and go back to the humble beginnings of your love life at your roots and water that love to make it blossom again, because moving from one place to the next won’t change anything other than opening that heart and mend things.

It is disheartening how homes continue to be dysfunctional because parents are just physically at their homes while not there emotionally and spiritually,” he said. Molaodi further appealed to lovers to reunite with their loved ones and rekindle the spark that brought them together. He also reiterated that the album of eight songs tries to unite families thereby minimising the chances of high divorce rates that keep alarming annually.

The Afro-soul album includes other noteworthy songs such as Love is everywhere, Africa and Mama Nkokodi. Molaodi explained that the song Mama Nkokodi expresses motherly love to a child based on the scenarios that a mother always brings cheer to their children. “Children are always happy to see their mothers because they would often run to them when they arrive from shops or work because they always have that little something for their children, hence the song appreciates them,” he said.

The Ramatlabama born crooner discovered his singing talent in 2001 at church, where he often played different instruments, and is an outstanding self-taught guitarist. “I was interested in musical instruments but I gravitated towards the guitar and would strum away alone until I had mastered the basics and later improved my techniques and craft,” he said. Moloadi told Vibe that that his music always has a Christian perspective and he tries by all means not to only preach through the song but as well practice what he preaches.

His album is currently enjoying airplay with Gabz Fm, Duma Fm and RB1 where he has also had some interviews. He noted that he has received fantastic feedback about his latest album. “Batswana have truly supported me and I am grateful for that,” he said. Molaodi has worked with other notable local artists including Kgotla, Keba, Mathews Matsetse and Kabelo Eric to mention a few. He has performed at esteemed events such as Son of the Soil, in 2015 and 2016, Bandleng Classics, Barolong cultural festival. He collaborated with Johnny Mokhali through his popular single track, ‘Maikano’. Molaodi also worked with Lister Boleseng, Gomotsegang Gee Rapoo, Lloyd Simfuke, Mono Dos Santos and Kabo Koosimile. Phillip Mate produced Moloadi’s latest album, which was recorded at Galaxy Records.

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