The Black Chyna challenge

08th August 2017
(L) Plastic surgery (R) Natural real deal Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

When US rapper Blac Chyna stepped out a few days after giving birth to his son Dream looking suave, trim and sexy, sometime last year, she garnered interest and piqued interest. How on earth had she managed to shed off all that weight in such a short space of time, many wondered. Blac Chyna, whose baby daddy is Kardiashian, claimed that she had easily got back to her hourglass figure because she followed strict rice that included rice and salads.

But not many were convinced… It later turned out that she had duped us when it emerged that the 28 year old had gone under the knife and had surgery worth 350k that was bankrolled by her ex Rob Kardashian. International health and fitness advisor Samantha Clayton says that baby fat generally takes time to shed off. No matter how or why you’ve gained weight, know that it takes as long—if not longer—to lose that weight again.

She says: “Pregnancy is a special time and new mothers need to concentrate on their baby. But you may need to re-prioritise if you are still blaming a spare tire on baby weight three years later.” Clayton encourages new moms to eat well, get adequate rest and relax often. We look at a few local yummy mummies who carried their pregnancy weight with pride but in less than a month after giving birth were already back to their pre-pregnancy trim figures. 1. Sethunya Maele – The 30-year-old jazz singer has always maintained a sexy trim figure, which she has attributed to working out religiously. Following her social media pages, it is clear that she is a health freak who enjoys pushing herself.

She gave birth last year and is back to her usual figure. 2. Samantha Mogwe – The happily married mom of one has always been petite and remained the same after bringing her little boy. A few weeks after childbirth she was back to her svelte figure and could be seen around the city looking cute and relaxed. She has also attributed losing her post baby fat to effect exercise routines that include using kettle balls. 3. Charma Gal – The Ke ya mokolodi hit maker has battled weight problems we all saw. She was once quite chubby but after hooking up with a gym instructor she managed to melt off the weight and her career subsequently took off. The mother of two was back on stage barely a month after giving birth to her little boy and she looked pretty much the same as before. Perhaps the likes of Blac Chyna and other US celebrities should ask our local ladies for tips on losing the post baby flab and instead donate the money they waste on surgery to charity.

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