A hit can make or break an artist

08th August 2017
HITMAKERS: Vee and Franco are reverred for churning hits Source:The Midweek Sun

Several local and international musicians have found themselves swimming in fame thanks to a musical hit they have worked hard to come up with not to mention the conceptualisation which is involved in recording a hit. Yet in the same breathe, some artists have been destroyed by the very same hits they recorded at the start of their careers, only to disappear into oblivion once the hit had lost its spark. Artists usually faces the above scenario once they fail to make a recording which surpasses the former hit in quality and conceptualisation.

When Makau stormed the musical scene with their Tanki ya Motswana album comprising of Sibinjolo hit around 2009, many music lovers were over the moon as they strongly believed that the group was destined for a brighter future only for the group to flop with their next albums except for the track Mr DJ which still struggled to match the acclaim of Sibinjolo. When contacted for comment, the group’s first producer Dr Tawanda admitted that it is not a new thing for an artists to make it very big with their first albums only to become flops with their next albums depending on their attitude. “It is not easy for an artists to come up with a hit unless the artists develops a sound relationship with their producers.

It is possible for some artists to have hit after hit because they have great relationship with their producers,” he said. Another local group which was made and destroyed by lack of a hit includes Eskimos who stormed the market with Gwawa album which went on to make them instant celebrities thanks to their versatile producer Vee Mampeezy who made it a point that every hit builds the reputation of the group. When the group parted ways with Mampeezy they were doomed as they produced songs which failed to match their first album which endeared them to hundreds of local fan base.

When VS stormed the music industry with his hit, O icheke, many hip hop lovers stood up and saluted the rappers as they thought that he held Botswana’s Hip Hop keys only for the artists to disappear into thin air which is a clear sign that a hit can make or break an artists. Up till now, VS is no longer available in the music industry although he once made music lovers crazy with his on point raps. Another local artist who seem to have been disadvantaged by a production of a hit surpassing their initial hits includes Captain Dira of Matalanyane and Rraagwe software fame. Since Matalanyane and Rraagwe software albums, the artists seems to have found the going tough as he has never releases any album which is competitive in the local market. Artists who were made by their hits from a long time immemorial includes the likes of Vee Mampeezy, Charma Gal, Drama Boi, Maghebula, Franco and others, whose music offerings continue to be enjoyed unabated.

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