Sis Tlax remains hopeful on filling up National Stadium

23rd June 2017
Nicole Martinez aka a Sis Tlax Source:The Midweek Sun

Nicole Martinez aka a Sis Tlax is up again and still hopes to fill up the stadium after her dream was defeated by Kast when he recently made history by filling up the stadium with 100 percent local music talent.

The passionate Nicole has so far branded merchandise including sweaters and flat caps to sensitize people about her undying dream. The two brands for this initiative include; ‘Sista Tlatsa Lebala’ which is a Setswana version and ‘Nicole Martinez fill up the National Stadium’ in English version. Nicole said that despite the fact that people have been making fun of her on social media reminding her to fill up the stadium with the phrase, ‘Sista Tlatsa Lebala’ has even made her more determined and has since then adopted the name.

The little diva has even early this week released a single track dubbed ‘I can’ as a motivational song towards the Tlax initiative. She also aspires to make a traffic control called ‘Nicole Martinez Traffic Control, which will be aimed at reducing traffic in Gaborone at peak hours. “ I am not going to give up about filling up the stadium and I have been busy working on it, therefore I am focused on my traffic control project as a breakthrough for Sista Tlatsa Lebala campaign,” said Nicole.


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