Nomadic keeps Motswako alive with dope offering, Pula Citizen

14th June 2017
NORMADIC Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

Tebogo Mapine, better known as Nomadic, continues to churn superlative hip-hop music. His illustrious rap career spans more than but he remains relevant. The gifted lyricist, who is credited as one of the earliest architects of Motswako in Botswana, says his latest album, Pula Citizen, tells a story.

“It touches on what it means to be a Motswana; the life of youth and their challenges, the importance of family and pride in oneself, are some of the themes addressed in the album,” he explains. Pula Citizen elevates his craft.

“I have grown to learn from the best teacher, experience. I am still the spirited young T but more polished and seasoned,” he says. Nomadic roped in the likes of Zeus and Apollo Diablo, among others.

“To paint a picture that is true and powerful, I featured artists that have not only been consistent at their craft, but exceptional too.” He also worked with producers Obizzy, Omahr, Maliq Ul-Shura, Chenzo, Berry Bone and Bangu.

“They helped in co-mixing the album. With the recording process, I worked alone and pretty much recorded myself on the entire album.” Nomadic still pens his own lyrics.

“I used to write all the time but I now write specifically for a song I would be recording. I work more to seeing songs being written, recorded and completed. It helps that I can also do my own production/beats and sound engineering/mixing,” he says. Although he is currently based in South Africa, Nomadic would like to tour Botswana.

“I am putting together a band that I can take on the road with me. I want to deliver something fresh that can serve as a great export.” Trap music is not a threat to original pure Motswako, Nomadic notes. He insists that the environment often influences artists’ perception and musical offerings. “Hip-hop doesn't necessarily come from a ‘deep’ and conscious place.

Certain artists, who were politically and socially charged, and saw it fit to raise awareness through music, met its timeline. I think that it has currently gotten to a place where radio and television are pushing mediocrity in the name of relevance.

There is great hip-hop music out there that will never be on your charts or even see significant radio spins...and that's the problem.” He advises upcoming hip-hop artists to continue investing in their craft.

“Be the best student that you can possibly be; of life and your craft. The game needs to constantly change; refinement and growth are important. It is either you can be part of the trendy 95 percent or the influential 5 percent.

Either way, do what makes you happy.” Nomadic has a few projects up his sleeve. “There's a beat box I'm about to complete with a pro beat boxer named OG, for Ogama. It’s experimental, whimsical and musical. I’m also working on a book.”

He has also released a compilation titled Marothodi, a ten-track project of music that didn’t make it to the Pula Citizen album. You can find it at

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