T.H.A.B.O. drops banging single, Back 2gether

19th May 2017
T.H.A.B.O Source:The Midweek Sun


By Tefo Nombolo -

Thabo Bolokwe, popularly known as T.H.A.B.O says that music is his first love but he had to briefly shelve his musical plans in order to pursue other projects. The kwaito artist has finally returned from his hiatus and has dropped a banging single titled, Back 2gether, which was produced by BK Proctor. T.H.A.B.O told Vibe that the title of the song is self-explanatory as it speaks of how two of Botswana’s music giants worked together after a long time.

“The last time we worked together was around 2006/2007. The song was recorded in a hotel room where we had literally set up studio equipment. We immediately worked on the song and were done within 20 minutes,” he said.

T.H.A.B.O noted that the last time he had worked with Proctor they had released a song that left a lasting impression on music fans and he was therefore confident that they would create another hit. He added that the song has been well received since its release last week.

He also noted that he wanted to show people that kwaito is not dead as is widely believed. “Kwaito is not dead. Kwaito is still very much alive.” The kwaito artist said that he also wanted to please his fans who have been begging him to release new material. “My fans wanted new stuff and constantly asked me to drop something. The truth is that i have had my plate full as a radio presenter and MC so I couldn’t find time to make music. I can however promise that I am currently working on an album that will be released soon,” he said.

Although the song has received radio airplay, it is still not available for purchase. “We are working on that. I promise that my fans will be able to buy it and even download it online,” he said.

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