HT, Tobie drop single Malaiti Ame under Malope a Motswako

19th May 2017
HT & Tobie Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Maun born Motswako rapper HT, also known as Tautona in the music industry has collaborated with another Motswako artist Tobie and released a single titled Malaiti Ami which currently is enjoying massive airplay on local radio stations.

 The song which is well programmed and conceptualised will surely earn the duo more fans. The song has a party feel and is all about friends relaxing and having their fun with easy sing along lyrics which will be enjoyed by Motswako lovers.

HT, who has been in the hip-hop game for a very long time, has surpassed his rap skills and flare in the song proving beyond reasonable doubt that he still has what it takes to be a sought after Motswako rapper. Tobie did not disappoint either as he has also upped his raps in the song which will surely remind music lovers of the days gone by when Motswako used to be all the rave among local rappers and music lovers.

The duo has also partnered in an ensemble known as Malope a Motswako which is aimed at promoting local Motswako genre across the country and beyond borders. The popular genre apparently originated in Mafikeng, South Africa and its pioneers include the likes of HHP, Morafe and Tuks Sengaga among others. The aim of the ensemble is to keep the Motswako fires burning.

“The current concept to form a collective group under the Malope a Motswako banner will surely revive the genre which is currently threatened by Hip –Hop invasion.At its inception, Motswako was treated with kid gloves but after a long struggle, the genre was finally embraced and went on to dominate airwaves across southern Africa.

During the Motswako favour, local artist including T-Joint and others were born with an aim to take the new style to a new level and it was not long before the genre dominated local airwaves with the birth of other Motswako artists which currently boosts of the likes of HT Tautona, Tobie, THABO, Mosako and many others who have produced back to back hits.    

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