Tlamelo Malebe aims for greater heights in hip-hop industry

19th May 2017
Tlamelo Malebe Source:The Midweek Sun

Hip hop has given birth to enormous talent in Tlamelo Malebe, the 22 year old Ramotswa born rapper comes into the hip hop game like a house on fire having recently released his highly anticipated single The Dayez.Although he might guise as an unfamiliar face to local Hip hop, Malebe has been a blinking eye in the Hip hop scenes producing decent music time and again, having recorded his first song titled Yeah That’s me at the age of 17 in 2012.

Malebe has since rebranded from his performance name Utonium to use his real name, a move, which he says was highly influenced by his American favorite Rappers Jermaine Cole, Nas and Meek Mill who all prefer to use their original names.However having been labeled as an upcoming artist for quite a lengthy of time is yet to cast a dark shadow over the 22 year old artist’s music career.

He says that he takes the labelling with pride and uses it to improve his craft. Malebe has more recently recorded hot songs like Mo Sekeleng and Candle light both of which have received wide airplay on local radio stations. “Being an upcoming is a sanction to elevated heights. It is an opportunity to get me where I want to be and I believe I am not so far away from realising my dreams,” he says.

His most popular song, Mmaboard introduced him to a larger audience and opened doors for him. Malebe has since ensured that he aims the upper echelons. However, his recent song The Dayez proves better than Mmaboard, what with its rich lyrical content, where he narrates his journey through the music industry in this well-decorated song.

Although his music career is quite remarkable for someone his age, Malebe notes that he has faced grave financial challenges. “It is not easy because a lot of the time you work on a shoe string budget.

Sometime you have to limit production therefore we are usually forced to create generic work,” he says. Malebe says that one of his most successful jam is his second single titled, Candle light, which was released last year. The song managed to claw its way to the Yarona FM Top 40 Countdown where it remained for several weeks at the 19th spot.

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