Special Guru Promotions leaves Ghetto artists weeping as GC artists smiles all the way to the bank

19th May 2017
Special Guru Promoters, fingered for favouratism Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Scores of Francistown based artists who performed during the Kwambala Cup Music festival on the 29th of April 2017 were left reeling in shock when they were told to leave empty handed after working hard during the show activation gigs around the city.

VIBE is reliably informed that all the artists from Gaborone including Franco, Slizer, Alfredo Mos, Oscar Chakabuya and others received their payments whilst the only based Ghetto artists who were handsomely paid include Jeff Matheatau and MC Maswe.

 Artists who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity did not mince their words as they bemoaned this raw deal after they had worked tirelessly only for them to be snubbed when it was time to be paid.  As if that was not enough, the show organisers have been blamed for keeping those who were contracted to perform in the dark as they were never officially informed about their non-payment. During a press conference which was held last week at  Thapama Hotel, only three artists attended as majority of those who perfomed had been kept in the dark about it. “The only artists who attended the press conference are those who allegedly managed to pocket something from the show,” the source said.

Although the organisers informed journalists that the show was not a success as they had anticipated, at the press conference, Matheatau thanked them for having paid him his dues without any hassles.

Carlos Sebina who has partnered with Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor Lesego Kwambala told journalists that they ran the show at a loss since they were financing it from their own pockets. He said that he was aware that most of the Francistown based artists who were booked to perform were not paid their dues but promised to come up with another show of its magnitude to compensate for the pain they had endured.

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