Ghetto young rapper collaborates with Oskid on Havana door single

19th May 2017
Young rapper, Boiterg is on fire to take the rap music by storm. Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

A Francistown based rapper, popularly known as Boiterg aka Kgosi ya strata, has collaborated with Zimbabwean based producer Oskid, who is famous for producing several hits including the remix to Winky D’s Disappear as well as MC Maswe’s Zwamaronga.

Boiterg worked with the producer on a single titled Havana Door. The single was produced at Bonfella Records in Francistown under the watchful eye of producer Chase Die Papa, who also shot, edited and produced the video for the single.

Boiterg who started rapping at 10 years old, told VIBE that his musical career took long to materialise as he was still focused on completing his studies. He explained that he roped in big names like Oskid and Chase die papa because they are both sought after producers with many hits under their belts.

“I believe that working with such credible producers will add value to my work and render me the necessary recognition,” he says. The beat of the song flows well with the verses and harmonises perfectly with its vocals which were also recorded and mastered to perfection. Those who enjoy R’n’B are in for a treat as the strings and melodies will remind one of the song Right Here With You by Brandy.

In the song, Boiterg proclaims that he is the ‘Kgosi of the streets in Ghetto’ and disses other rappers for living in poverty and feeding off Tsabana. He also contends that no one is going to stop his musical greatness; he likens himself to the feared, ‘dimo’ in Setswana folklore stories.
Oskid on the other hand has done exceptionally well in the chorus which he sang sorrowfully in his Shona dialect as he points out in his chorus that his detractors are angry to see him doing well but they will never outdo him.

Oskid told VIBE that he believes in Boiterg because he is talented and dedicated to his music career. “I enjoyed working with Boiterg in Ghetto alongside Chase die Papa and I hope that we will drop more hits in Botswana. My experience for having worked with the top cream of Zimbabwean musicians will boost Boiterg’s profile and propel him to stardom like MC Maswe whom I worked with on his hit Zwamaronga,” he says.

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