Kast’s dream comes true...as Tlatsa Lebala attracts thousands of revellers

10th May 2017
Kast on stage during Tlatsa Lebala festival Source:The Midweek Sun


By Tefo Nombolo -

Local rapper Tshepiso Kast Molapisi ‘done did it’. The much-awaited Tlatsa Lebala festival went on without any glitches. The mood was jovial as thousands of revellers thronged the National Stadium on Saturday for a rare treat of strictly local music performances.

It was a phenomenon to watch what some had deemed ‘the impossible’ happen as the stadium slowly but surely filled up. From the time when the gates opened in the morning to late in the night, most people arrived wearing their Tlatsa Lebala merchandise, some purchasing it at the venue. Others even brought their children along in the afternoon, also adorned in Tlatsa Lebala merchandise.

The revellers walked around, chests puffed out proudly, pleased to be taking part in ‘an important moment in the history of Botswana music industry’ as South African rapper Khuli Chana, who was also at the show after performing at Chez Nicolas the night before, described the event on social media.
Prior to the event, Kast had taken to social media to quash rumours that several artists had pulled out of the show. He further explained that 52 artists were set to perform but only one had pulled out due to health problems.

At the stadium, some revellers enjoyed the show from the stands while many others wanted to be in the centre of things and partied the night away on the large field. The revellers were so happy that they complied with all instructions from the MCs on stage.

A case in point is when one MC radio personality, Black Prince, who was nothing short of a dancing machine, asked them to join him in dancing to Babes Wodumo’s Wololo dance when Groovy Souls were on stage. It was such an attention-grabbing sight to see thousands of people dancing together to the beat in sync.

They gyrated, stomped, shook and twirled excitedly. Everyone in attendance evidently had the time of their life.
Tickets to the concert, which has been on many people’s lips for the past few months, were sold out, and by Sunday morning, social media was abuzz with pictures of the show.

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