Phillip Mate is a musical genius much more than his handsome looks

04th May 2017
Mate is one of the stars to look out for this yea Source:The Midweek Sun


By Tefo Nombolo -

Phillip Mate has one of those handsome faces that attract attention that most people often look twice when he walks past. He is what some young people could describe as ‘hot’.

However, Mate is more than just good looking, as he has been blessed with amazing music talent; he is a singer, songwriter, producer and arranger.
 Now in his mid-20s, this passionate soul singer, whose music is mixed with elements of Afro pop and jazz, explains that he started learning music at the age of 15. Prior to that he always saw himself behind the desk pursuing a white collar career but once the music bug hit him, the kind of future he had had in mind disappeared.

When he completed his secondary school, he moved to South Africa to pursue a course in Management but also studied music part time. He enrolled to study jazz, which he is still juggling with his career.

Mate proudly shares that he was raised in church and loves the Lord. In fact, he credits the discipline that comes with being a Christian for helping him mould his values and contribute to his patience in learning to play all the four instruments he is perfect with; the piano, drums, a guitar and a bass guitar.

Managed by Matlhare Matlhare of Expose Group Works, Mate stresses that it is important for an artist to have a manager. “As an artist, my job is to deliver my craft to the people.  It would be difficult for me to balance that with running around and worrying about logistics of my performances and so forth,” he says. Mate adds that people take an artist with a manager more seriously as they appreciate that they respect their craft and brand.

Mate is one of the artists billed to perform at the Gaborone International Music Festival in August alongside the likes of Jonathan Butler and Kirk Whalum.
“It is exciting to think that I will be performing alongside international music giants who are celebrated across the whole world,” he says.

Of all the artists that he has shared the stage with so far, Lizibo has been the most outstanding so far, he notes. “Lizibo takes himself seriously but more than that it’s his humility which impresses me,” he says.

Mate advises upcoming artists to “not despise the basics, to learn from them and be hungry enough to produce the best quality material they can.”
 He says that music has its own set of challenges but no matter how challenging things get, giving up should not be an option. Mate will launch his album soon and his CD is available for purchase at Street Horn Music Café situated at Molapo Crossing.

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