Matubako single cautions against irresponsible behaviour

 A new single titled ‘Matubako’ by Tshepo Maswailathuto Digwaamaje will soon hit the local airwaves.

21st February 2018

Lizibo serenades with Show them off

14th February 2018

The month of love, February, seems to be very dear to the heart local Afro pop singer Lizibo.

Young author releases inspirational novel

14th February 2018

Budding writer Olerilwe Sennanyana has published a short novel titled Segwaba itaye, an offering that is sure to stamp his name among the finest storytellers on the literary landscape.

Tebbie encourages Batswana to donate blood through song

14th February 2018

 Revered gospel singer Tebbie, dubbed the queen of gospel, has released a single titled Donate blood. In a brief interview, she said that the song was composed specifically to join the chorus of activism around the importance of donating blood. She said that the blood situation was dire and she saw it fit to reach out to more people through song. “We know that the blood levels are low but we need more.


14th February 2018

Seafood sounds as fancy as it’s meals are in today’s world food outlets because sustainability, it’s the retailers and fishmongers who are working hard to ensure their fish is being sourced from sustainable fisheries. You should also buy from a supplier that you trust. Late summer is the prime season for most fish, which will be fished from Cornish waters, rich in health omega-3s and high in protein. Ingredients such as tomatoes, ginger and spring onions go well with fish, making it good for Asian- style dishes. Angel-fish and plaice are not so fashionable, but the fillets can be simply grilled, seasoned and served with a wedge of lemon. Lobsters are a treat and very worthy. If you buy them live, pop them in the freezer to send them to sleep before dispatching ‘’ animal cruelty I must say’’. They are so delicious with garlic butter or lemon mayonnaise and are a rich source of protein and zinc. Seafood can also be baked, grilled or fried with fresh lemon and a dab of butter.

ATI wins big at lit YAMAs

13th February 2018

 The 4th annual Yarona Music Awards (YAMAs) held at GICC this past weekend were a glitzy and lit affair. It was packed to the rafters and revelers arrived dressed to the nines. In a brief welcome address, Yarona FM station manager Kelly Ramputswa noted that the awards were meant to celebrate and encourage home-grown talent. She said they recognised the immense talent in Botswana and remained committed to helping to nurture and cultivate it. “Our music has grown in leaps and bounds and our station continues to give local artists the platform to showcase their talent.

Elbow rebrands as Luther October

13th February 2018

her October (formerly known as Elbow) has returned in 2018 with a re-brand surprise and says that ‘this is only the first step to great leaps this year’. The rapper’s decision to take this turn in his musical career comes as no surprise to those close to him, as he has been stressing how his brand needs to take a mature route as well as expanding beyond the great duo that is ‘FME Artists’, which was formed back in 2013. He has also confirmed that indeed he will be dropping music with the pair known as ‘FME Artists’ alongside Slow G as well as solo music. “The music will be released in style and will signify our growth in music,” he says.

DJ Phazz drops impressive 12-track album

13th February 2018

addresses social ills in society and encourages introspection and peace. He has been in the music industry for 15 years and has amassed experience that gives him a unique edge. In an interview with Vibe, he explains that he dedicated this album to address youth on behavioural change. “I want them to scrutinise on issues like love matters and hence my music is house music genre, so I am convinced that the message will reach out to them through this genre that they appreciate as young people,” he says. He points out that the album however also targets older people and preaches the importance of embracing peace within families and the nation at large.

Queen of Jazz Punah releases fifth studio album

13th February 2018

Queen of Jazz Punah Gabasiane- Molale has released a fifth sizzling Afro Jazz album. She held a listening session last Thursday for the album titled ‘Jazzing up’ prior to its official release this week. Jazz fanatics together with other seasoned musicians across all genres thronged Dros in Molapo Crossing to witness in person as the “Iyoo nna” singer serenaded the audience with some soothing jams from her latest album. Punah gave a thunderous music presentation after long speeches given by the event attendees among them, the Minister of Basic Education Unity Dow.

Mavilos takes his solo career to new heights

13th February 2018

For a few years he was the one half of the popular group Matshikos but Mavilos has now stepped out to pursue a solo career. He insists that he has always wanted to work solo but stepped into Matshikos for a while to fill in for someone. The experience and exposure proved valuable. “I always knew that I would go solo eventually. Dan Tshanda, who I worked with, was quite supportive when I told him that I would go at it alone in 2011,” he says.

Sasa Klass finds ground in SA TV Show to co-host alongside South African's Phat Joe

13th February 2018

asa Klass will take on high reigns in South Africa as a DJ and Co-host to a new show to be aired on DStv on valentines; alongside the renowned media personality ‘Phat Joe’. In a post she shared on Monday, the Hip hop sensation bit a piece of her fresh cake to say, “Proud to announce that I am the new co-host and DJ alongside the legendary Phat Joe on a new show called “Highly Inappropriate with Phat Joe’.

Leroy Nyoni takes his artistry to new heights

13th February 2018

Leroy Nyoni will release fresh material in 2018 that promises to catapult his artistry to new heights. The first act is ‘Power of One’ which is a live music group centered on the founder himself, Nyoni, but continues to grow with other talented local artists and musicians who will show face from time to time. According to Nyoni: “The establishment of this group comes after having released an album titled ‘The Bechuanaland Sessions’ under the group WDP which saw jazz renditions of local songs. WDP being one of many musical outlets that will specialize in specific genres, WDP’s being Jazz and Crossover hence the need for associated acts. Power of One will focus strictly on Pop, Rap and RnB primarily.”

ATI wins big at YAMAs, Bouncy's butt steals the show

5th February 2018

Local music songstress Bouncy had the YaronaFM Music Awards (YAMAs) in overdrive with a sensational performance that had the ecstatic crowd eating from her bare behinds at the GICC on Saturday night. It was actually her fully exposed butt that literally stole the limelight at the glitzy show, leaving revellers at the 4th annual awards event gasping, panting and cheering for more of her scintilating performance. The bold beauty took to the stage almost half naked to perform her latest song 'Serope mperekela' dressed in a very short black top and what looked like a g-string beneath. She gyrated, twirled and  twerked on stage, showing off her buttocks to the crowd. Other notable performances were by Juju boy, Amantle Brown as well as South Africans Khuli Chana  and HHP. The biggest winner of the night, ATI, closed the show with a performance of his hit 'Khiring Khorong,' which won the Song of the Year award. Other winners include: Best newcomer-YauBannerma; Best female-Bouncy; Best male-Han C; Social media award-Mdu The Party; Hall of fame award-Tribal Monks, among others.

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