Leroy Nyoni takes his artistry to new heights

Leroy Nyoni will release fresh material in 2018 that promises to catapult his artistry to new heights. The first act is ‘Power of One’ which is a live music group centered on the founder himself, Nyoni, but continues to grow with other talented local artists and musicians who will show face from time to time. According to Nyoni: “The establishment of this group comes after having released an album titled ‘The Bechuanaland Sessions’ under the group WDP which saw jazz renditions of local songs. WDP being one of many musical outlets that will specialize in specific genres, WDP’s being Jazz and Crossover hence the need for associated acts. Power of One will focus strictly on Pop, Rap and RnB primarily.”

13th February 2018

ATI wins big at YAMAs, Bouncy's butt steals the show

5th February 2018

Local music songstress Bouncy had the YaronaFM Music Awards (YAMAs) in overdrive with a sensational performance that had the ecstatic crowd eating from her bare behinds at the GICC on Saturday night. It was actually her fully exposed butt that literally stole the limelight at the glitzy show, leaving revellers at the 4th annual awards event gasping, panting and cheering for more of her scintilating performance. The bold beauty took to the stage almost half naked to perform her latest song 'Serope mperekela' dressed in a very short black top and what looked like a g-string beneath. She gyrated, twirled and  twerked on stage, showing off her buttocks to the crowd. Other notable performances were by Juju boy, Amantle Brown as well as South Africans Khuli Chana  and HHP. The biggest winner of the night, ATI, closed the show with a performance of his hit 'Khiring Khorong,' which won the Song of the Year award. Other winners include: Best newcomer-YauBannerma; Best female-Bouncy; Best male-Han C; Social media award-Mdu The Party; Hall of fame award-Tribal Monks, among others.

Voice of Change gives gospel, makes a positive impact through music

29th January 2018

Living by the notion together we can go far, a group of youth from different parts of Gaborone gathered under a sole mission to give higher praises and worship the creator in music. Voice of change (VOC) is a modern gospel music group of young people whose age ranges between 18 and 35 years old. Their style of delivering the gospel to their audience is made up of a divergent series of voices ranging from soprano to bass that is backed with live instruments.

Cooking the best with your microwave oven

29th January 2018

A microwave is a boon to busy cooks. Dishes can be cooked ahead, frozen and reheated on the day. It is ideal to make sauces in the last minute and heating snacks, desserts, coffee and so on. Like most appliances, the microwave oven is not suitable for cooking certain foods but it’s perfectly acceptable to complete the cooking of a particular dish in a conventional or convection oven. Remember, the more food placed in a microwave oven, the longer the cooking will take. It is wiser to cook in smaller quantities and to keep food warm on a warming tray than to cook large quantities all at once. Always make use of the standing time given in recipes as this allows the food to finish cooking, meanwhile other foods can be cooked, or reheated during this time so that everything can be ready to be served at the same time.

DJ Darkboy Masey takes house music industry by storm

17th January 2018

It is a sweltering weekday morning when I meet Masego Ntshontsi, popularly known as DJ DarkBoy Masey for an interview. He is currently making waves in the house music industry but there is none of the pomp one would expect of a local artist making it big in neighbouring South Africa. He arrives alone, dressed in simple jeans, plain T-shirt and sneakers. The only sign of lavishness is the expensive-looking Gucci watch on his wrist. He is punctual, and waits patiently while I finish my morning cuppa. He comes across as shy and reserved. To break the ice, I ask if it is true that he had a fling with Zodwa waBantu as a certain gossip page reported. He laughs and exclaims: “Oh no, that was not true. Zodwa and I are worlds apart: our personalities are different, we wouldn’t click.

Amantle Brown nominated in Ugandan awards

17th January 2018

Local singer Amantle Brown, who recently released the video to the touching song, Sa Pelo, to much acclaim, has been nominated in the AMI Afrika People’s Choice Awards 2018 under the best female Southern artist category. The single that earned her this nomination is the much-loved Black Mampatile. She will compete to bag the big prize alongside Celo Ice Queen, Zahara, Neyma, Babes Wodumo, Lizha, Shashi, Sally Boss Madam and Londie London. Amantle Brown has previously been nominated in the AFRIMMA awards in 2015. The energetic songstress has managed to capture the Afro beats sound with her catchy tunes such as Follo but has not deviated too much from her original ballads sounds that earned her popularity when she first dropped the song Moratiwa. Amantle Brown will fly out to Uganda in March for the awards slated for the 24th of the same month. 

ATI aims to invest in his own businesses

17th January 2018

Last year’s BOMU music awards biggest winner ATI has revealed to VIBE that 2018 will be an even bigger year for him as he will concentrate on branding himself by spreading his wings. He shared that one of his plans is to sell and distribute branded pens, pencils and school bags. He pointed out that many students look at him as a role model hence the idea to create products bearing his brand.


17th January 2018


Miss Northern Arts Awards slated for February

17th January 2018

Chairman of the Northern Arts Awards (NAA) Ontiretse Zuma Nthinthie Bakaile recently told VIBE that they will host Miss NAA on 28 February in Francistown., in continued efforts to brand the awards. Bakaile further said that registration for the beauty pageant is on and they have decided to target all those who have won the past Miss Independence crown at their various villages and town more especially in the northern part of the country.

Botswana content producers exhibition on Friday

17th January 2018

Scores of content producers will showcase their work on Friday at the inaugural Botswana Content Producers exhibition. The first of its kind event will be held at Gaborone Main Mall from 8am until 6pm and entrance is free. The one-day exhibition, organised by The Botswana Opportunity, in conjunction with BOFINET, Botswana Tourism, CC Kgolagano and CC Think, will attract leading production houses, industry captains, TV channels, Pay TV operators, mobile platforms, regulatory bodies, as well as media influencers, buyers and sellers of content.

Shay drops smashing new single, Bala Bala

17th January 2018

Hip-Hop enthusiast and rapper Motswasejane Phongula Dinonyane also known as ‘Shay’ joined forces with his friend and fellow rapper Junior to bring another smash track to Botswana’s airwaves titled Bala Bala. Shay noted that the single speaks to the “noise” he has been hearing around the hip-hop genre of late. “Being a (hip-hop) purist, this has both hurt and annoyed me and I felt something must be said or done. I would like for the local (hip-hop) scene to get back to rapping as that was and still should be what BW Hip Hop is known for.

Pastor Sovi withdraws 10k sponsorship of BOMU gospel category

17th January 2018

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi who was kicked out of Botswana in October last year left Botswana Music Union (BOMU) with egg on their face when he revoked his sponsorship for the best gospel category award. The ‘man of God’ who is reportedly a millionaire, who owns IBS Consortium that has stakes in forex trading, fashion, real estate and freight, had made a pledge for P10, 000 in the best gospel category of the BOMU awards. Ouna was the category winner.


10th January 2018

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