Samantha holds voice training classes

Songstress Samantha Mogwe-Kitlanang holds voice coaching classes for anyone who wants to learn how to sing. The talented vocalist says that she decided to start the classes when she realised that demand was high. “I had a lot of people asking me about voice coaches and where they could get help, and it was difficult to refer them to people because the ones I knew and trusted were either extremely busy or not living in Botswana anymore.

8th August 2017

Ernest Molaodi speaks life into love with 'Boela Gae'

8th August 2017

Ernest Moloadi has released his latest album with the leading song being an emotional ballad titled Boela Gae. The album is named after the song. In the melodic song that can tug at anyone’s heartstrings, Molaodi encourages people to revive their love lives and always remember how loved up they were when they were still courting and has butterflies in the stomach.

The Black Chyna challenge

8th August 2017

When US rapper Blac Chyna stepped out a few days after giving birth to his son Dream looking suave, trim and sexy, sometime last year, she garnered interest and piqued interest. How on earth had she managed to shed off all that weight in such a short space of time, many wondered. Blac Chyna, whose baby daddy is Kardiashian, claimed that she had easily got back to her hourglass figure because she followed strict rice that included rice and salads.

A hit can make or break an artist

8th August 2017

Several local and international musicians have found themselves swimming in fame thanks to a musical hit they have worked hard to come up with not to mention the conceptualisation which is involved in recording a hit. Yet in the same breathe, some artists have been destroyed by the very same hits they recorded at the start of their careers, only to disappear into oblivion once the hit had lost its spark. Artists usually faces the above scenario once they fail to make a recording which surpasses the former hit in quality and conceptualisation.

Botswana Life provides P5.5m for NYWC

7th July 2017

Local insurance company Botswana Life can now count themselves among proud sponsors of the 2017 Netball Youth World Cup. This week the company announced a P5 580 000 sponsorship that will go towards the eagerly anticipated netball showpiece scheduled for Gaborone this weekend.

Sis Tlax remains hopeful on filling up National Stadium

23rd June 2017

Nicole Martinez aka a Sis Tlax is up again and still hopes to fill up the stadium after her dream was defeated by Kast when he recently made history by filling up the stadium with 100 percent local music talent.

Nomadic keeps Motswako alive with dope offering, Pula Citizen

14th June 2017

Tebogo Mapine, better known as Nomadic, continues to churn superlative hip-hop music. His illustrious rap career spans more than but he remains relevant. The gifted lyricist, who is credited as one of the earliest architects of Motswako in Botswana, says his latest album, Pula Citizen, tells a story.

WDP gives jazz a refreshing twist with Bechuanaland Sessions: Phase 1

14th June 2017

There are days when one wants to kick back and relax with good music in the background. Your current best pick would have to be upbeat jazz album Bechuanaland Sessions: Phase 1 by WDP (abbreviation for Willingness Determines Potential).

Lavendro Products launch slated for September

14th June 2017

Lavendro Clothing Line will host a cocktail runaway fashion show dubbed Tug of Views in September this year, where the clothing line will vitrine their products to the public and use the event to celebrate the monument of the 3 Chiefs.

Gospel acapella group takes Ghetto by storm

14th June 2017

Francistown based gospel acapella group, Skizo and the Mighty Brothers, is tipped to be the next big thing in contemporary gospel music.

Tapiwa Ndoro collaborates with Captain Dira and Kabelo Eric

14th June 2017

Zimbabwe born gospel artist Tapiwa Ndoro, who is currently based in Botswana, has collaborated with gospel sensation Kabelo Eric on a song on a new album titled Tirivana. Loosely translated,Tirivana means As we are children, in Shona.

Visual arts growing in leaps and bounds

19th May 2017

The Coordinator of Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Reginald Bakwena is impressed with the development of the visual arts in the country. Giving his personal views on the landscape of the visual arts locally, he explains that there is a new tide that is sweeping through the country.

T.H.A.B.O. drops banging single, Back 2gether

19th May 2017

Thabo Bolokwe, popularly known as T.H.A.B.O says that music is his first love but he had to briefly shelve his musical plans in order to pursue other projects. The kwaito artist has finally returned from his hiatus and has dropped a banging single titled, Back 2gether, which was produced by BK Proctor. T.H.A.B.O told Vibe that the title of the song is self-explanatory as it speaks of how two of Botswana’s music giants worked together after a long time.

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