Stiger Sola's sister drops 10th studio album

Mayoress Mochankana, Stiger Sola’s sister who made headlines together with her guitarists brother in the 1990's has returned to the music industry after a long hiatus from the industry with her tenth studio album simply titled Khanga Oyizere a Siyeyi dialect which is loosely translated as watch out or be careful. Produced by Bullet Ketshabile, the album will remind music lovers of the yesteryears when their hit Kachire and Moruti o tshwenya bana ba Phuthego which went to win them music awards locally and in the neighbouring South Africa where they became instant hits and celebrated musicians.

28th August 2017

Katlego dishes eye candy

16th August 2017

This hunk is Katlego Banyatsi (23), the new face of Jack’s Gym. Thanks to his chiselled body, good looks and humble nature, the head model at X Models Agency is making strides in the local modelling and fashion industry. While Banyatsi concedes that there are several challenges besieging the modelling industry in our country, he is optimistic that the situation will improve with time and that the industry will be better appreciated. Banyatsi talks to Vibe about the ups and downs of modelling, and how determination has helped him reach his goals. 

G word dishes new offering

16th August 2017

GC Hot Stepper hit maker, Rwude Boy, now G’Word -real name Boyson Mokone- will this week release his brand new album, That’s me; The Transition’. The hip-hop album boasts nine tracks that try to encourage youth to keep away from alcohol and drugs.


16th August 2017

Motswafere is a recognisable face in the local entertainment industry. He has fast made a name for himself as a singer and a fashionista with his edgy style. He oozes confidence and charisma, and has a voice that shows potential. We are curious about him and so asked a few interesting questions.

Rock your ripped jeans boldly

16th August 2017

Ripped jeans are a fashion statement that has evolved over time. If you think that it is too tatty, then think again. Ripped jeans can be worn up or down to move between a casual and glamorous look. Just ensure that top, shoes and accessories are lit. While you can wear ripped jeans casually with a simple top or T-shirt, with sneakers, you can add a bit of glamour by throwing in a bit of bling in the form of earrings or a bold neckpiece if you are a lady, or throwing on a jacket, scarf or unbuttoned shirt with the sleeves up, if you are a guy. You might be brave enough to rock this look to the office if you work in a creative industry but just make sure that the rips are not too wide and tattered. Seal your look with confidence!


16th August 2017

Book title: Americanah

Motamma of BBA fame gets hitched

16th August 2017

Former beauty queen, Motamma (Sesinyi), who was Botswana’s representative on Season 8 of Big Brother Africa (BBA) got married this past weekend. While the wedding was a low-key event, Vibe caught wind of it and we even have a few snaps of the pretty lass celebrating with her husband and bridal entourage. Motamma was crowned Miss Tourism Botswana in 2012 and went on to represent the country in Finland.

Kago mirrors life through Art

16th August 2017

Kago Kgabaetsile says that art is a lifestyle and a form of expression and escapism. “When I am sad or happy, I can spill my emotions on paper. Art is life,” he says. He specialises in pencil portraits but also does photography. He takes pictures for weddings, parties, bridal/baby showers among others, but is dabbling in travel photography. Looking at his work, it is evident that he is creative, imaginative and pays attention to detail.

DJ Duece dumps BDF to become a DJ

16th August 2017

A Motswana young man with a penchant to become one of Botswana’s sizzling disc jockey Duncan Mmeshe known by his fans as DJ Duece has decided to dump the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) where he was employed as a private to become a deejay.

ATI denies using juju to attract fans

16th August 2017

Local celevrated rapper ATI has rubbished claims that he uses a potent charm to attract fans as hogwash. The adored artist says that his fans are attracted by his charm and talent, nothing else. Whenever tear tattooed hit maker climbs the stage female fans cannot not contain their excitement as they cheer loudest

Reunited Culture Spears sizzle at BOPEU concert

16th August 2017

This is it, we really missed this lady and we are hopeful that soon, the puzzle of the group would come to complete to give us our good music

DJ Almac De Moy rocks on the decks

16th August 2017

Francistown based DJ and drummer Almac De Moy has proved beyond doubt that through determination, one can achieve anything that they set their eyes on. The Pole born DJ recently left revellers begging for more at the Twigila concert in Francistown.


16th August 2017

*Wine and Dine*

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