Kingsushi to drop Stun the World EP at red carpet event

Innocent Mamadi, who goes by the stage name Kingsushi, will launch his six-track EP titled, ‘Stun The World’ in Selibe-Phikwe later in September. The 21-year-old who dubs his genre of music ‘Crowned Music’ - a fusion of trap and hip-hop, told Vibe that music is ‘an outburst of the soul’. He explained that his EP is characterised by different artists who contributed to the growth of his music career.

1st September 2017

Mmokolodi launch in Ghetto a disaster

1st September 2017

Charma Gal’s much anticipated Mmokolodi album launch held at Francistown Old Stadium was a flop as it failed to attract a sizeable audience. The number of people who attended were ten times less than when she launched Sekuta at BOCCIM hall a year ago.

Homemade vanilla swiss roll

1st September 2017

Iremember back in the days when we were kids, the sound of my mom’s voice from the kitchen soon after dinner ‘ Who is up for dessert’ We would all leave the table and jump up and down ‘ Me, me, me!!! I come from a sweet tooth family forgetting the dangers of diabetes Ha Ha Ha!!! We all love dessert and majority of modern day family. No meal goes without accompanied by dessert, though some people break the rules by opting to have dessert for lunch or as snack either way it is still fine.


1st September 2017

The Botswana Consumer Fair is an annual outing that many never want to miss. The ‘show’ as it is called as a special in the hearts of many Batswana. With more than 500 exhibitors and 24 participants from 10 different countries, there is always something for everyone. This year was just as exciting, and from Monday to Sunday last week, Fairgrounds was a hive of activity.

Mokoto Festival grows in leaps and bounds

1st September 2017

Mokoto wa Lesoso Cultural Festival held this past weekend in Shoshong attracted over 400 revellers.
This is a significant growth when one considers that they brought together only 200 people last year when they launched.
Mokoto Wa Lesoso was first started by a young group of Shoshong youth, under their social club dubbed, Makgobokane. The Makgobokane social club was formed as an organisation aimed at helping the underprivileged and giving back to the communities of the Shoshong village and its proximities.
To diversify on their mandate, the social club then looked back into their village, on what they can do to promote culture, bringing people together to embrace their culture as the Bangwato of Shoshong.

SKY Girls BW launches Season 3 of Matswaka Bae

28th August 2017

SKY BW hosted a listening session of Season 3 of Matswaka Bae this past Thursday at Lorraine’s Ntlo Maison Bistro, Gaborone. Apart from the chilly weather it was a lovely midweek outing; the ambience of the stunning restaurant was laidback, with a sea of beautiful people and yummy nibbles and drinks. The low-key event attracted media, friends of the cast members and stakeholders including representatives from the Ministry of Health, World Health Organisation and BOSASNET, among others.

Voice of Angel Worshippers releases debut album

28th August 2017

A youth gospel group Voice Of Angel Worshippers (voAw) recently released their debut album, Moment of Reconciliation. The gospel album boasts 12 tracks that share the message of Christ and encourages people to get closer to God regardless of the pain they are experiencing.

Lee Tshipana to serenade at music showcase

28th August 2017

Local singer Lee Tshipana, who is perhaps most popular for being a judge on music talent show My Star, will host a music showcase this coming Friday at AVANI hotel conference centre in Gaborone. Tshipana also usually serenades music lovers at the hotel on weekend evenings.


28th August 2017

Chase Solomon Mabutho, best known as Chase Dipapa in the music industry, is one of Francistown’s best producers. He has managed to survive the dog-eat-dog local music industry having started off his dream career as a studio sweeper in Johannesburg South Africa two decades ago. Chase left from his parents’ house in Monarch and moved to SA to pursue his dream of becoming a music producer. After years of schooling and bench marking as a sound engineer and producer in Mzansi, he returned to Botswana and formed Bon-Fella Records, which is a state-of-the-art professional studio in Francistown. The versatile artist is also involved in the film industry and has produced and directed several music videos and short dramas. Chilled Vibe


28th August 2017

A guy can never go wrong with a suit. But to look lit, there are certain things to keep in mind. Firstly, gone are the days of wearing baggy suits that make one look like they got it as a hand down from their uncle. Suits are fitted to one’s body shape and the sleeves and length are adjusted. When choosing a suit, ensure that you liase with a professional or get a fitting and have it adjusted by a tailor. Always ensure that it fits you well without bursting at the seams. Lastly, accessorise with a stylish watch, smart shoes, a funky tie or lapel. The great thing about suits is that ladies can also rock them too for a bold look.


28th August 2017

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Vee Mampeezy ‘blesses’ his fans with Champion

28th August 2017

Botswana’s award-winning kwaito kwasa artist, Odirile ‘Vee Mampeezy’ Sento has released another album titled ‘Champion.’ This follows hot on the heels of his successful album ‘I do’, which was released last year in August and earned him a Metro award. The album, Champion, which was launched together with the video of the song of the same title last Thursday, is expected to hit the shelves in two weeks' time.

Tswello drops latest single

28th August 2017

Tswelelo Gaboitsiwe, who goes by the stage name Tswello (#The Rose of Palapye) has dropped a new house song titled, Let me Love. The song features Palapye based artist Lizkid, and was produced by Smiz and Afrokay. The song has infectious beats, an upbeat vibe and catchy lyrics. It talks about the love for a certain woman and makes a promise to marry her.

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