Since she broke into the music industry nearly a decade ago, Charma Gal has been unstoppable. Not even controversies shrouding her private life ever put her down. When she takes to the mic, she transforms into a musical beast and that is what has kept her star on the rise. The singer with a unique voice recently left the audience eating from the palm of her hand at the Mascom gala dinner with her electric performance! And more…

21st February 2018

Mingo Touch to launch gospel album

21st February 2018

 Tshaba tsotsi hitmaker, Mingo Touch, will launch his gospel album titled It’s all about Jesus at Molapo Crossing Stanbic Piazza in Gaborone on 10 March 2018. Speaking to VIBE in an exclusive interview, Mingo said his album launch will be graced by mostly gospel artists after ditching house kwasa for God. The line-up includes gospel heavyweights such as Phempheretlhe and Vusi who is now a man of the cloth.

Charma Gal brings roof down at Mascom gala dinner

21st February 2018

Just like her name, she has the charm to get everyone glued to the stage when she performs. Charma Gal impressed the audience over the weekend at Mascom 20th celebration Gala Dinner held at GICC. The talented songstress captivated everyone as she led to the stage, as the crowd concentrated and sang along with her. She has mastered the ‘Mascom number one because of you’ slogan and composed a delightful song out of it.

Creatives’ across industries invited to free workshop

21st February 2018

Fashion designers, music producers, filmmakers, animators, writers, poets, dancers, photographers and all other creatives, are invited to attend a Creative Forum, that will be held under the theme: Creative Collaborations: Working together as artists. The workshop will be held at the Little Theatre (National Museum) in Gaborone on 10 March 2018. In a press release, the organisers noted that the forum workshop that will be in the form of discussions, presentations, networking, and drawing of solutions was conceptualised to unify creatives of all industries; to establish underlying issues with the creative industry.

Daniel Carvi drops new single, What is love

21st February 2018

Thabang Machangana, better known as Daniel Carvi in music circles, recently dropped his third single track titled ‘What is love’. . In an interview with Vibe, the 26-year grounded rapper explains that ‘What is love’ is about the power of true love. “I wrote this song to express a real life situation about true love,” he says, adding that it is about a man expressing his love to his woman. He could not stop reiterate that the new jam, which was released on Valentine’s Day has received positive feedback from the society. “People have received it with wide open arms and it is quite amazing.”

Hit-churning producer drops two singles

21st February 2018

 Kwasa-kwaito artiste and producer Zolasko has dropped two new singles titled Size ya me e tona and Baba. Both tracks feature Wizards. This is a teaser that forms part of a build-up to the release of his ten-track album later this year. The songs were produced under his record label, Music Lab by Zolasko. In a brief interview with Vibe the multi-talented artiste explains that Baba is a call to God to protect his children. “There are many deaths and we spend every weekend at funerals,” he says. Size ya me e tona talks about the importance of having big dreams in life and working to achieve them. Zolasko is the man behind hits such as Tlhomela by Mlesho, Mpama by Wizard and Koko by Nicey boy, among others.


21st February 2018

My small nephew calls them skinny onions. Each time I use them in my favourite pasta dish he moans: ‘’ Aunty I don’t like separating these skinny onions, with a fork!” Ha! Most children don’t like vegetables and often call them things but the tricky part is often use them in sweet dishes so they don’t realize they are actually eating vegetables. Chives are part of the onion family and they often grow wild in Britain, Europe, Asia and the United States. The flavour of chives is a fugitive and elusive one, for the essential oil is highly volatile. For this reason, they are best used in cold dishes like potato salad and salsa. When used in hot dishes like chive sauce for boiled beef, or consommé, they should be added only after the cooking is terminated. Chives contribute a delicious sharp, fresh green flavor that makes a marvelous foil to pale, bland, creamy dishes.

Matubako single cautions against irresponsible behaviour

21st February 2018

 A new single titled ‘Matubako’ by Tshepo Maswailathuto Digwaamaje will soon hit the local airwaves. In a brief interview with Vibe, Maswailathuto said it is his love for traditional dance that compelled him to record the song. The Kanye-born first joined traditional dance club in 1995 at primary school, and fell in love with it. He has never looked back since. Matubako gives a picture of a father-to –son conversation where the former is rebuking the latter for his risky womanising ways. The father is angry that his son Matubako is irresponsible.

Lizibo serenades with Show them off

14th February 2018

The month of love, February, seems to be very dear to the heart local Afro pop singer Lizibo. This is evident with the just released remix single dubbed Show them off, Masunga born Lizibo has been launching his music lately only in February after releasing the popular album Malebeswa in February last year. In an interview with Vibe, Lizibo described the single as a spice that adds undeniable aroma to his hot sizzling album Malebeswa. In the song, Lizibo says that he is truly blessed to enjoy the love he gets from his lover.

Young author releases inspirational novel

14th February 2018

Budding writer Olerilwe Sennanyana has published a short novel titled Segwaba itaye, an offering that is sure to stamp his name among the finest storytellers on the literary landscape. The 26-year-old has an excellent command of Setswana and combined with creativity and passion for storytelling. It is this talent that motivated him to release his first-ever novel, which took five years to complete. Local company Diphalana Publishing published him. Sennanyana financed the project through a youth grant. ‘Segwabe itaye mmago o sule’ is a Setswana adage, which means that one should be responsible for their own life without depending on others or blaming their circumstances for their misfortunes.

Tebbie encourages Batswana to donate blood through song

14th February 2018

 Revered gospel singer Tebbie, dubbed the queen of gospel, has released a single titled Donate blood. In a brief interview, she said that the song was composed specifically to join the chorus of activism around the importance of donating blood. She said that the blood situation was dire and she saw it fit to reach out to more people through song. “We know that the blood levels are low but we need more.


14th February 2018

Seafood sounds as fancy as it’s meals are in today’s world food outlets because sustainability, it’s the retailers and fishmongers who are working hard to ensure their fish is being sourced from sustainable fisheries. You should also buy from a supplier that you trust. Late summer is the prime season for most fish, which will be fished from Cornish waters, rich in health omega-3s and high in protein. Ingredients such as tomatoes, ginger and spring onions go well with fish, making it good for Asian- style dishes. Angel-fish and plaice are not so fashionable, but the fillets can be simply grilled, seasoned and served with a wedge of lemon. Lobsters are a treat and very worthy. If you buy them live, pop them in the freezer to send them to sleep before dispatching ‘’ animal cruelty I must say’’. They are so delicious with garlic butter or lemon mayonnaise and are a rich source of protein and zinc. Seafood can also be baked, grilled or fried with fresh lemon and a dab of butter.

ATI wins big at lit YAMAs

13th February 2018

 The 4th annual Yarona Music Awards (YAMAs) held at GICC this past weekend were a glitzy and lit affair. It was packed to the rafters and revelers arrived dressed to the nines. In a brief welcome address, Yarona FM station manager Kelly Ramputswa noted that the awards were meant to celebrate and encourage home-grown talent. She said they recognised the immense talent in Botswana and remained committed to helping to nurture and cultivate it. “Our music has grown in leaps and bounds and our station continues to give local artists the platform to showcase their talent.

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