Brute force unleashed

10th November 2016
Boxing Source:The Midweek Sun

The University of Botswana (UB) student centre will  be  the  place  to  be this  weekend  for fans  of  combat or  full  contact  sports.

It is that time of the year when Botswana Boxing Association (BoBA) hosts the national championship semi-finals on Saturday followed by the finals on Sunday. The cream of local pugilism will be on full display to determine the best boxers in the country, who will eventually form part of the national team. There is no doubt that there will be an orgy   of fierce battles in the ring.

One of the most anticipated battles will feature two of the best welterweights (69kg) in the country - defending champion Lentswe Zwinila up against Mmusi Tswiige.  Tswiige has been on surge recently and will use his height ,reach and athleticism to outmatch Zwinila. Tswiige will also come in as the more complete boxer. Nevertheless, Zwinila possesses the brute force and power to  punish  any opponent.

Tswiige and Zwinila are no strangers to each other as  they  share a  well documented  history. This  intense  battle  will  test  both  skill  and  boxing  wit  from  each man, whoever will blink in the ring will definitely have to withstand the heat.

The   muscle  bound  powerhouse Zwinila has won the championship three times in a row, however he still has a score to settle with the  dynamic Tswiige  who defeated him 2-1 in their last interclub battle a few months back.

“Expect a win from me, I want to silence everybody, there is no doubt in my mind that the title will be mine again,” Zwinila said this week. Zwinila said he will be more focused and not let the game plan slip away from him.

The  Glen Valley  based  Botswana  Defence  Force (BDF)  officer said he will be very observant and cautious of his opponent’s mistakes and will surely use them to his advantage.Another bout that has the potential of thrilling fans is Onkarabile Scara Mothibedi vs. Basha Motlhane. Nevertheless, Motlhane said come what may, he is more than ready to face off against Scara and give him the taste of his own medicine.

“I understand Scara is a reputable boxer but I am going  for gold. He defeated me in 2014 during the Mooka Mageu competition, this is my chance to level the score,” Motlhane said.On the other hand, SSKB  headcoach Larona Francis said Onkarabile ‘Scara’ Mothibedi is fully prepared for his bout against Basha Motlhane of Prisons Boxing Club.

Francis noted that he has since introduced his boxer to professional style boxing training and he does not expect any major challenge from the Prisons based Motlhane. Furthermore, there will be a lot of interest on the last bout of the day, when Keoagile Rantutu locks horns with Zibane Chikanda (Eastern Military Garrison). The 75kg middleweight bout is expected to go either way as both fighters have a pool of accolades draped on their shoulders.

However, Francis said his boxer is free from injury and has reached the level of fitness he desired. He expressed gratitude to all the assistant coaches and BDF management for offering a helping hand and creating a conducive environment for their boxers to excel. “I believe on Sunday SSKB will be buzzing with utmost excitement.”

Moreover 1.2.5 boxing club Coach Bond Ngubula said he has his hopes pinned on the woman, Katlego Olatotswe to bring home the desired results. Olatotswe will be competing in the women section welterweight in the finals on Sunday against either Makaba Nametsegang or Keneilwe Rakhudu.

She will be coming in as an underdog in the tournament but Ngubula remains confident. Other interesting bouts will include Chabulula Khumalo vs. Rabokhokho Gofaone and  Lightweight (64kg) Kabo Seitshiro vs. Moabi Ngaka.

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