Louisa April premiers Lost in a City called Love

18th April 2018
Louisa April Source:The Midweek Sun

Soul songstress Louisa April will serenade music lovers at her show dubbed ‘Lost in a City called Love’ at Thapong Visual Arts Centre tomorrow evening, as part of the annual Maitisong festival. The musical journey encompasses neo soul and acoustic based alternative R&B music. In an interview with Vibe, April states that she appreciates music that speaks what the soul is often to say. “I would like for my music to speak for people where words fail them,” she says. She further explains that the musical journey curates on all aspects of love. “It is about falling in love, the heartbreak, joy, abuse and being content alone. I wanted to take the audience with me on a journey to touch on all these different aspects of love.”

April has come a long way and appears to have found her niche. She points out that she has been working on identifying her sound and brand. “I now know exactly what I want. It has been all about growth and perfecting my craft,” she says. The amiable singer grew up in a culturally diverse home, the child of a Nigerian father and Namibian mother, and raised between Botswana and the UK, which means she has a cosmpolitan perception of life which gives her music an eclectic feel. “I have been exposed to different cultures and at the end of the day, music is just another language and the execution depends on what you are trying to say.”

April has a great team that includes vocalist and guitarist Tafnaz Nazare and Otlhomame Motlaleng (aka ECL) on keyboards. She also has on board Pumi Sounds made up of Rachael and Maleho. She has also been working with dancers Irie Labane, Ultra Kluch Tshikare and Omar Motsemme. “I am grateful for their support and hard work. They are all talented and I am blessed to have worked with them.”

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