Robert acknowledges defeat

08th March 2018
POOR SHOWING: Mosimanegape Robert Source:The Midweek Sun

Orapa United goalkeeper Mosimanegape Robert displayed one of his worst performances during the Mascom Top 8 Season 7 final against Township Rollers this past weekend at the Francistown Sports Complex.

Orapa succumbed to a 4-2 loss before a halfhearted comeback in the last quarter of the action packed game. However, all was not enough to save the day and Rollers easily took control of the game. Rollers’ victory saw the team join Gaborone United as the most successful team in the Mascom Top 8 Cup, having won it again back in 2012.

Throughout the game the Orapa goalkeeper appeared to have lost focus and committed numerous mistakes near the goal posts. Robert’s lack of focus only compounded the vulnerable Orapa defence. The once promising goalkeeper who clearly needed to get back into shape seems to have lost his reflexes granted a poor showing during the Saturday encounter.

The opening goal in favour of Rollers in the first 10th minutes of the game saw Robert coming short and giving Rollers an easy lead. The second goal was within the next 10 minutes through the legs of Edwin Moalosi further exposing 28 year old’s horrible outing. “I would not blame supporters for their disappointment in me based on my performance today.

My approach of the game was not good; I still do not understand what happened out there, especially the second goal, the ball easily slipped from my hands, I could have done better,” Robert lamented. The young player said he was sad that his football career has always been marred by injuries and he keeps disappointing both his supporters and himself. “I have not been training for the past two weeks because of my painful shoulder and again my fitness level is not up to scratch, I was struggling out there,” he said.

Robert who has been with Orapa for the past five years said it would have been a dream come true for him to win the Cup for the second time with his beloved team. However, he will be shifting focus now to concentrate on the BTC premiership league. For his part, the newly appointed Orapa United Coach Bongani Mafu said it was a team effort.

He explained that his boys failed to come to party and they were punished for it. However, he expressed full confidence in his team saying they will come out stronger next time.

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