Magosi in Muti debt

22nd November 2017
IN TOO DEEP: Magosi Source:The Midweek Sun


By Wananani Modongo -

Dealing in muti to find success on the football pitch has come back to haunt Kgatleng BTC Premiership outfit Mochudi Center Chiefs. This week Magosi hit yet another low when the Francistown High Court instructed debt collectors to seize the club’s property over an outstanding debt in favour of a local sangoma. The intriguing and long running case saw the court ordering garnishee against the club, which means the complainant will be paid in instalments. The already debt riddled Magosi are expected to cough up P87, 000 plus costs of the suit by Francistown High Court Judge, Bengbame Sechele.

Traditional doctor, Molaiemang Nkganetsang dragged the club before court demanding payment for cleansing services he offered the team. Nkganetsang alleges to have supplied the Kgatleng Giants with the muti that helped them win the premier league a few years back. A writ of summons was first issued against the club back in 2012 for failing to honor the terms of their verbal agreement. According to court documents Nkganetsang said he supplied the club with muti, which allegedly strengthen the players and improved their performance during their campaign.

In his submissions Nkganetsang alleges to have cleansed the football pitch before some of Magosi league games. In addition, the traditional doctor alleges to have previously interacted with Magosi representatives, including the then Chairman Ernest Molome and club Seata Pilane and Denis Keagile. Nkganetsang argued that the three men approached him for his traditional services in February 2010. When sorting the garnishee order, Collen Mudara said; “The garnishee should not pay the judgement creditor’s attorney in the sum of P87, 000 on monthly basis until such time the judgement debtor’s gratuity and other terminal benefits are due.” Mudara said that the money would be paid to the attorney in the settlement. As if this is not enough, the club’s performance is currently deteriorating as they are on position 15 in the BTC premiership standings.

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