BISA Affiliates denounce financial report

22nd November 2017
Transparency and excellence throughout her BISA Source:The Midweek Sun

The newly elected Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) treasurer Tapiwa Kengaletswe is faced with a mammoth task of regaining the trust of BISA member schools. This comes after BISA affiliates disapproved the financial report presentation to them at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Palapye this past weekend. Affiliates argued that the report was not detailed and accused the former treasurer Michael Oreng of not being transparent about BISA’s financial status. The frustrated affiliates who thronged the AGM lashed out arguing they had no knowledge about the sponsorship deals coming into BISA.

“We are given figures we cannot even understand yet there are more pressing issues at hand, we have been waiting for the report since 2015 but this is just another vague information thrown our way,” an affiliate member said. One pressing issue was the alleged P 110 000 received from AT&T Monnakgotla Transport Company and the Coca Cola Company sponsorship. “Report e o kare madi a motshelo, nothing makes sense at all, we are all made to believe everything is fine while it is far from it,” they argued. Meanwhile Kengaletswe who has taken over the reins from Oreng said she is determined to end all BISA financial discrepancies. Kengaletswe came into the elections as a dark horse, however she had served in the committee before as BISA spokesperson.

The confident Kengaletswe said she will be preaching transparency and excellence throughout her BISA journey as treasurer.“I will produce every report and avail it to member schools, I will gain their trust by communicating and shedding light to prevent misunderstandings, I will restore everything to normality at BISA,” she said. The new treasurer defined herself as a lady of principal who will ensure that she abides by the set standards of governance. Kengaletswe mentioned that she will not be intimidated by the male figures dominating the executive and will put her foot down whenever necessary.

“I will account for every thebe that BISA will be given, I will build trust, produce statements and avoid corruption at all costs because corruption destroys everything.”Still at the AGM, Joshua Gaotlhobogwe was re- elected President, Joy Kenosi is the Vice President-Technical and Harold Mosomane is the secretary General while Oreeditse Marakakgoro is the Vice Secretary General. Letsweletse Jonas also managed to retain his Publicity Secretary title.

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