Team Molelo goes down in flames

22nd November 2017
DONE WITH IT: Molelo Source:The Midweek Sun

After losing the Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) elections this past weekend in Palapye, Eagile Molelo has no intention of ever contesting for BISA elections.

Fresh allegations following the highly touted BISA suggested that some of Molelo’s team members betrayed him, as they secretly preferred his archrival Joshua Gaotlhobogwe. Molelo who was contesting for the BISA presidency lost 117- 92 to Gaotlhobogwe who is now serving another term. Gaotlhobogwe will now serve with two key members from Molelo’s team. Nevertheless, this crushing defeat reopened old wounds for Molelo having lost the 2013 BISA elections archrival Gaotlhobogwe.

Prior to the elections, Molelo had gone all out campaigning throughout the country accompanied by his team members (Team Fire) “The people have spoken, I have learnt a lot in this journey and I do not think it was anything personal, they rejected my ideas not me. However I am focusing on other things. I will not be going back to contest for BISA election in the future, life goes on,” said Molelo.

However, all was not lost on the day for Molelo’s team fire as Joy Kenosi won the Vice President- Technical position while Harold Mosomane is the new Secretary General. “I congratulate all and wish them nothing but the best,” Molelo said.Nevertheless this publication has freshly learnt that going into the elections; Team fire was fragmented and some member harboured hidden agendas, possibly a contributing factor to Molelo’s downfall.

One of the members who preferred to speak under the condition of anonymity confessed that he had a change of heart going into the elections, however the situation did not allow him to openly abandon team fire. “Sometimes we need to think outside the box, it was not about the team but the ability to lead, Gaotlhobogwe deserved it more, some of us felt like we were caught up in personal feuds and settling scores, that is bad for the association,” said the source.

The source argued that the results spoke volumes, “Molelo lost, Kenosi won, this on its own symbolises that some of us were not happy rather we had full confidence in Kenosi.”Meanwhile it remains to be seen how Gaotlhobogwe and Kenosi’s relationship will turn out, some predict that the duo might pull on different directions however in his acceptance speech, Gaotlhobogwe said their number one mandate will be striving to serve BISA with complete integrity.

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