AUSC-R 5 overshadows Bots Games

03rd November 2017
SPORTS OFFICIAL: L-R, Sedimo, Reikeletseng, Olopeng and Ramokate Source:The Midweek Sun

The Minister of Youth Empowerment Sports and Culture Development Thapelo Olopeng this week said the 2017 Botswana Games will be a drill for the upcoming 2018 AUCSR 5 regional show piece. Olopeng was speaking during the launch of the 2017 Botswana Games in Gaborone on Tuesday this week. Addressing members of the media and sports affiliates, Olopeng said the Botswana Games are slated for December and will be part of the preparations for the 2018 African Union Sports Council Region 5 games (AUCSR) games slated for Gaborone.

The popular Botswana Games pitting different districts against one another will be a precusor to the regional games formerly known as Supreme Council for Sports in Africa (SCSA). Olopeng said the multisport showpiece will go a long way in preparing Botswana to host the regional spectacle, which is expected to attract all the SADC countries. Moreover, Olopeng emphasized the need to take sports seriously in the country, adding that there is a need for professionalism in the industry. “The time is now for us to professionalise sports, we cannot afford to be amateurs for the rest of our lives,”Olopeng said.

According to the Minister, the Olympic type of games deserve high mileage in advertising in order to attract the private sector. Olopeng said private companies have to be lured into partnership with government for such auspicious events in the sporting calendar. Olopeng reiterated the need to take sports seriously and develop careers out of the industry.“There are a lot of sports personalities who have used sport to turn their lives around. These athletes have used incentives and opportunities to launch sports careers both locally and internationally to improve their lives. It is important for upcoming athletes to follow suit,” he stressed.

Botswana Games,which have been growing steadily over the years are aimed at school going and out of school athletes. The games have over the years attracted young athletes from all corners of the country and pitted them against each other in fourteen sporting codes. Some of the popular athletes that have emerged from the Botswana Games includes the likes of Karabo Sibanda, Baboloki Thebe, Galefele Moroko and Boifang Kenaope.

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