Elderly people must engage in sports-Dube

26th October 2017
MOTIVATIONAL: Dube is encouraging the elderly to take part in sports Source:The Midweek Sun

The founder of Sports View runners Club also former Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) Vice President, Glody Dube says it is important for elderly people to be included in sport activities. Dube was speaking on the sidelines of the recent Sports View Club 10km marathon race this past weekend in Modipane.

According to Dube, elderly people are often faced with health risks resulting from old age, with that, there is need for regular exercise. The marathon had attracted a total of 28 participants and 14 were veterans and grand master athletes.

As a man heavily bitten by a sport bug, Dube is of the view that as much as it is important to develop sport from grassroots level in the country, they should not neglect the senior category. Dube argued that old age does not necessarily mean inability and given a chance, they can unearth hidden talent from the elderly. “Some of them have resorted to staying at home yet their wisdom can be used to develop sport in the country,” Dube said. Dube explained that majority of the elders often feel neglected by the society and that creates a rift between them and the youth.

“They have nothing to do at home and they are often bored, the marathon provided some form of excitement to them. Many of them have been advised to train medical practitioners. However they often develop cold feet and decide to stay at home, it is not about winning the race but keeping them entertained and healthy,” he said.

Dube pointed out that several of them (elders) have recently opened up to him saying their health has improved for the better and applauded his marathon initiative. Dube has been hosting the Modipane marathon race for the past three years. Additionally, he explained that the race has helped keep children out of the streets as it keeps them busy.

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