INF instructs BONA to assist injured Chetelo

18th October 2017
ILL HEALTH: Chetelo is not well Source:The Midweek Sun

The International Netball Federation (INF) has appealed to Botswana Netball Association (BONA) to help local Umpire Abednico Chetelo recover from his ankle injury. Chetelo got injured when he was officiating at the Africa Cup tournament hosted in Uganda a few days before commencement of the Netball World Youth Cup (NWYC) games in July.Upon return from the official duty, BONA distanced itself from the injury saying it is the responsibility of the World body to take care of him. Chetelo’s situation forced him to solely run around town seeking medical treatment.

Meanwhile Sun Sports is in possession of leaked fresh social media conversations between INF and Chetelo, “It is a shame that the injury continues to cause issues, we look to the national associations to support your umpiring journey so please do look for any assistance with your recovery from them,” reads a message from INF. In addition , this publication has learnt that before former BONA president Tebogo Lebotse- Sebego stepped down from the netball seat this past weekend, he had received the same message from INF about two weeks ago.

Lebotse Sebego had in an earlier interview put her foot down that it is not BONA’s responsibility to assist the local umpire and only INF was better placed to respond on the issue. When reached for comment this week, Chetelo did not deny having sought clarity from the INF, “BONA has not said or assisted me with anything even up to today; maybe they will I am not sure.

My ankle is very painful and I feel helpless, the pain strikes between now and then and sometimes I am unable to walk,” Chetelo said.Four months down the line the injury is still nagging him and his netball career is blurry as he is missing out in a lot of action. According to him he has spent close to P 10 000 hard cash in his medical expenses and he foresees the amount rising. On the other side, the newly appointed BONA mouth piece Theresa Hirschfeld said BONA tried to reach out to Chetelo however he (Chetelo) had maintained that his own doctor would attend to him when he arrived from Uganda. She said, “If the Doctor which Mr Chetelo preferred was unable to assist him, Mr Chetelo needs to make this known to BONA officially. We encourage him to engage BONA in a professional manner ."

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