Katisenge opens Chess Academy

18th October 2017
RECENT BIRTH- Katisenge opens Limitless Minds Chess Academy Source:The Midweek Sun

Former Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) spokesperson and award winning sports administrator Keenese Katisenge this week announced the opening of her new Chess Academy called Limitless Minds Chess Academy.

According to Katisenge the academy intends on contributing positively to the society by using chess as a tool for empowerment and social inclusion. Katisenge who follows in the footsteps of Women Candidate Master Boitshoko Mudongo said she intends to make a positive impact in society and produce exceptional individuals who will transcend the chessboard with their achievements.

The academy she said shall compliment the efforts of the BCF in developing and advancing the game of chess in communities of special needs. “One of the academy’s first projects will be the Chess for the Blind Initiative,” she said. The enthusiastic Katisenge argues that the blind are often neglected. However they are those who are interested in the game.Preparations for the project are at an advanced stage and it will be rolled out sometime soon in Mochudi. This initiative she said is in line with international sports policies of sports for all.

For chess is a game of strategy and empowers the mind, Limitless Minds Chess Academy wants to take advantage of this to demonstrate the beauty of the game. The academy will help add value to chess through empowerment workshops/ seminars, Chess training camps and International chess tournaments of high standard. The main objectives of the above activities will be to enhance the relevance of the game in the society and help alleviate some social ills such as alcohol and drug abuse amongst the youth.

Reduce statistics of school dropouts, unwanted pregnancies and other negative consequences within the society. In sport circles, Katisenge has a lot of experience after recently representing Botswana at the United Nations Youth Leadership Summit on Sport for Development and Social Impact, which was hosted in Florida, USA. While there she learnt and appreciated the importance of community sports academies. She served BCF for eight years and holds the FIDE Arbiter (FA) National Instructor (NI) and International Organiser (IO) chess administration titles. Katisenge is currently serving as a Councillor for the World Chess Federation Commission for Women in Chess and also as Secretary for the African Chess Confederation Women’s Commission.

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