A o a mmona Vee? Wa baa tsile!

04th October 2017
UNFAZED: Vee says he will not listen to critics Source:The Midweek Sun

Hitmaker explains controversial song

He says that he is not fazed by the criticism

Vee Mampeezy made kwaito fashionable and brought pride to kasi life several years ago when he burst into the music scene with hits such as Pompa Tswidi and Taku Taku. Several years later, he has several awards under his belt, continental fame and money to show for his success. But when he shared that he had his rekindled relationship with God, he raised a storm of controversy, as critics could not fathom how kwaito culture and Christianity gelled.

The pint-sized artist has however insisted that God had sent him to spread His word through his music and as if to prove this, his hits songs such as No Suffer and Baba, among others, have a spiritual undertone. However, his latest single, Waa baa tsile has left music lovers boggled and attracted aspersions that he has now lost the plot because this Setswana phrase is often associated with irritation and resentment. Vee seems unfazed by the criticism as he explains the true meaning of the song in an exclusive interview.


His new song titled Waaba a tsile, has swam under criticism over the past few weeks on social media but Odirile Sento, better known as Vee Mampeezy, is quite unfazed. Interestingly, the single was warmly received at the Ten Up music concert held at Molapo Stanbic Piazza this past Friday when the pint-sized artist took to the stage. The crowd sang along the lyrics, which were bickered by foul and unfair sharing on Facebook.In a recent interview with Vibe, Vee explained that “Waaba a tsile” speaks about the presence of Jesus conveys blessings into his life and he is excited about Jesus coming into his life.

The Taku-taku hit maker threw a jab at the worrywarts, citing that some people always want to put down a great product and do not appreciate good work. “Most of the time people try their best to put down a good thing, all the song talks about is the goodness of the Lord,” he said confidently. He further said that a few people have tried to turn around the sound and put a very bad coat to it so that the song doesn’t sound well and now that the song is in receipt of splendid reception most are embarrassed.

“As you know my fans will always speak for me every show I attend they love the song and sing along to the lyrics and everyone who has tried to put down the song are ashamed. I don’t see any problem with the song, people always confess the goodness of the Lord, God has came into my life and my life has changed for good, we went to Serowe on Independence and Waaba a tsile was all the people were waiting for, this song is going to be even bigger because people now get a grip to the truthfulness of the lyrics,” he said. The kwaito-kwasa artist reassured us that he is not irked by the negative energy that floods his music career.

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