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26th September 2017
NEW BROOM:Mfolo Source:The Midweek Sun

Botswana Football Association (BFA) has appointed former Township Rollers treasurer Mfolo Edwin Mfolo as its new Chief Executive Officer in a shock announcement this week. According to official correspondence from the association, Mfolo has been seconded from the Ministry of Tertiary Education for a term of two years.

BFA correspondence says that the new CEO will be acting for a period of 2 years. Mfolo`s predecessor Ookeditse Malesu resigned after serving the association for just 6 month. The outgoing CEO was head hunted amid speculation that he was being rewarded for being a faithful servant of the pioneers of football group led by Letshwiti before last year’s elective congress. Sources close to the BFA allege that the association could not afford the big salary of a CEO hence the secondment.

BFA is yet to have a CEO who completes his term in office since the days of former BFA boss Ashford Mamelodi. The position has become notorious as one of the hottest seats in the local sports industry. A number of former BFA CEOs have found themselves on the chopping block before they could even settle in the controversial position.A number of disgruntled former Rollers leaders including Mfolo were seen in Letshwiti`s team ahead of the last BFA elective General Assembly last year. Reached for comment Mfolo confirmed the recent development.

“The deliverables come from the BFA strategy, which has four perspectives including, stakeholder, internal processes, people learning and growth, and stewardship,” explained. Mfolo served in one of the BFA standing committees being the First Instance Body (FIB) as chairman. FIB is tasked with receiving, accessing applications and finally licensing deserving clubs to participate in BFA structures, more especially BPL. “In Mfolo we trust that the football family has found an individual that will bring financial accountability to the association, and will cultivate an excellent rapport with many constituents that are stakeholders in football nationally, regionally and internationally,” reads a press release from the BFA this week.

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