Criminals target Makwala

14th September 2017
WORRIED: Makwala is worried about his safety. Source:The Telegraph

Coach Justice Dipeba robbed after Makwala leaves his house

My life might be in danger- Makwala

Dipeba loses prized gift watches from Makwala

Botswana’s world famous sprinter Isaac Makwala’s welfare might be in danger from unknown criminal elements following a burglary incident that occurred at local track and field coach Justice Dipeba’s homestead in Mogoditshane this past Sunday. The 200 and 400m record holder had just left Dipeba’s home in the wee ours of the morning when unknown assailants invaded the property.

Dipeba had just hosted a private party for some of his athletes who competed at the recent IAAF World championships in London before an unknown intruder invaded his compound and robbed the coach of property including jewellery costing close to P100 000. Sharing his terrifying ordeal with Sun Sports yesterday (Tuesday), Dipeba said that the incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, a few minutes after all athletes had dispersed from his home. “After locking up all doors, I headed to the bedroom where me and my wife were confronted by a muscular figure brandishing a sharp object.

The he immediately demanded that we freeze or there will be dire consequences,” Dipeba said. Narrating his terrifying experience, Dipeba explained that he had a couple of notes in his pockets, which he handed to his unexpected visitor. As if that was not enough the culprit is said to have forcibly pulled out his wife’s wedding ring before heading to their closet where he helped himself to more of the family’s property including sneakers, handbags and t-shirts.

What was even more heart wrenching to Dipeba is that the robbers made away with expensive gift watches, which came as present from his star pupil Isaac Makwala. “I treasured those watches, I cannot prove it but they had cost a fortune, Makwala gave them to me as a gift after competing in Europe,” the devastated Dipeba said. Even though Dipeba is still struggling to make sense of everything that happened on the fateful night, the coach remains suspicious that the culprit was familiar with the family’s movements as he had aggressively demanded they cover themselves up to prevent identification. “He threatened that if we act funny, he will not hesitate to kill us and eliminate the evidence.

He also called one of my dogs when they were barking. The intruder even demanded that we give out the party contributions,” he said. Moreover he said the intruder might have mistaken him for Makwala, as 400m athlete was the last to leave his house after the party. Before fleeing the scene the intruder said he will check for Dipeba’s wallet in his BMW sedan. “I do not own a BMW, Makwala does, I do not understand if he thought Makwala was residing there or what, it is all a mystery to me.” In a brief interview this week, Makwala expressed grave concern over the matter.

“I guess they thought I was residing there, my life might be in danger, I need to be on the lookout,” the celebrity athlete said. Moreover, Makwala revealed the two watches he had bought for Dipeba were worth close to P 100 000 and it pained a lot that they will be cheaply donated in the streets. Meanwhile Mogoditshane Station Commander Superintendent Agreement Mapeu was not in a position to neither deny nor confirm the robbery case before going to print. Mapeu said he was engaged in back to back meetings.

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