British Chess GM in town

07th September 2017
British Chess Grand Master Nigel Short is expected to drill young chess players in Gaborone this week. Source:The Midweek Sun

British Chess Grand Master Nigel Short is expected to drill young chess players in Gaborone this week. During his visit Short is expected to play against 50 local athletes this coming weekend at Game City Mall in Gaborone. Short has been invited by Talking Squares Chess Trust to drill local chess players in an effort to breed local Grand Masters.

Speaking during a press conference this week, the founder of the trust Kenneth Boikhutshwane said they intend to utilise the services of international chess stars like Short in order to take chess to a whole new level in Botswana.The current highest chess rating in Botswana is Candidate Master (CM). According to Boikhutshwane, Botswana has full potential of acquiring the highest chess title of Grandmaster soon.

“The project is very ambitious but very much attainable, the level of chess in Botswana is not so high but with the right coaching, I am certain that Botswana can also make it,” Short said.Short, who obtained his title at the tender age of 19, said it took a lot of self- sacrifice and determination for him to reach his dream. The GM advised that local athletes should practise more often to sharpen their chess skills.

He described chess as one of the cheapest sports to organise, adding that all that is required is a chessboard and passion to break it into the world of chess.Among other players expected to play against Short is local star Barileng Gaealafshwe who is the current Metropolitan National Chess Championships winner. “Playing against Short will be a dream come true for me.

I have always admired him and followed his games,” said the excited Gaealafshwe in an interview with Sun Sports yesterday (Tuesday).Gaealafshwe said as local players they hardly have the opportunity to play against chess maters of Short’s calibre. The local player said this would be quite a lifetime opportunity for him to interact with the British Grandmaster.Moreover Gaealafshwe said he is ready for the weekend encounter, adding that he will be going all out to test his chess game. “This is the opportunity to test the chess in me, this will be the tournament I will get to give it my all,” he said.

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