BNSC, BMS split over MoXAn

26th July 2017
KICKING DUST: Ross Branch competing in a motocross event Source:The Midweek Sun/ Tshekiso Tebalo

The Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) will not be lending financial support to the 2017 Motocross of African Nations (MoXAN) scheduled for next month in MmaMashia village.

Addressing a press conference earlier this week Botswana Motorsport (BMS) interim president John Carr- Hartley said they only learnt this year March that they will be hosting the event. However, the BNSC requires affiliates to notify them about hosting international events a year in advance. According to Carr-Hartley the BNSC had regrettably informed them that they cannot assist with any funding as financial requests had to be made well in time.

Nevertheless, plans are now at an advanced stage to host the motocross extravaganza. Botswana Motor Sport (BMS) was given the rights to host the motocross showpiece from 25th to 27th August.“There is no bad blood between the Commission and BMS and it was unfortunate that they learnt about the event in March this year. BNSC has been really supportive and we appreciate everything they have done for us,” he said. Moreover, Carr-Hartley said for the first time ever, Botswana has been given the privilege to host the event and being on home ground, they intend to excel.

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