BPL experiences supporters' cold feet

07th July 2017
BPL BOSS: Ntshinogang Source:The Midweek Sun

Botswana Premier League (BPL) interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thabo Ntshinogang is of the view that BTC premiership clubs should form a formidable team along with his office. Ntshinogang reckons this will ensure that spectators flock the stadiums in the upcoming 2017/18 season.

“We are going to be working with clubs to ensure that we improve the level of attendance at Stadiums. As you may be aware, clubs are supposed to play a bigger role in this as they are the ones who are directly in touch with their supporters,” said the BPL boss.

Ntshinogang called on premier league clubs to come up with clever marketing strategies to lure supporters to stadiums. “Our role is to oversee and facilitate that the league is played under an atmosphere which will be desirable to all stakeholders.”

According to Ntshinogang every Premier League Club despite where they are located should work hard in ensuring that their supporters follow them religiously and are able to travel with them wherever they play.

However, Township Rollers mouthpiece Phempherethe Pheto did not share the same sentiments arguing that the leading factor to low turn up of spectators does not translate to clubs failing to attract good numbers. Instead Pheto came short of pointing fingers at the BPL.

“If you are selling a product to someone and you don’t put in place the right measures to ensure that the product reaches the people without any hustles then you are failing in that regard.

Since the inception of the e-ticket the turn out at the stadiums is proven to be low.” Pheto cited that the abrupt and unexpected changes to fixture have led to spectators abandoning games.

“Imagine if a game is slated for Molepolole Sports Complex and in the early morning the venue switches to Lobatse, not many people will attend that game.”
For his part, the outgoing Orapa United PRO Tebatso Hule said they would make plans to attract supporters outside Orapa to ensure that they broaden their fan base across the country. “We have been doing numerous activations to make sure that we attract as many supporters as possible.”

Amongst other things, Hule said attendance on their side was lowered by an inevitable inconvenience. “We had a damaged section in our stadium so we couldn’t accommodate as many spectators. However, we have since rectified this problem.”

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