Ramakrishna unveils roadmap for cricket

14th June 2017
CRICKET ADMIN: Ramakrishna Source:The Midweek Sun

Local cricket administrator Girish Ramakrishna has been elected as the new Development Director of the Africa Cricket Association recently.

In an interview this week an elated Ramakrishna said he would use his new position to improve Cricket locally and across the continent. Ramakrishna, who was elected at the African Cricket Association General Meeting in South Africa earlier this year, doubles as the Botswana Cricket Association Chief Executive Office.

The hard working administrator said he is expected to start work at his office and ensure that grassroots development programmes are unearthed throughout the continent.

“Although it is not a full time job I have to improve the state of affairs of this sport, it is a sport that is lacking resources locally therefore I have an enduring task to set up several platforms that can help unearth talent both at home and across the continent.” Ramakrishna said there is need for a strategic development plan that will see African Cricket powerhouses being involved in the sport.

“We have to involve both South Africa and Zimbabwe in this development strategy, they have a lot to offer but they haven’t been of any assistance,” he said. Furthermore he said the Southern African regional representatives are expected to present the strategic plan to him in the next few days.

“The focus is on creating platforms for more tournaments at various age groups and improving relations with major stakeholders across the continent.”

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