BDP deserves to be punished - Mangole

18th April 2017
Gilbert Mangole Source:The Midweek Sun


By Nicholas Mokwena - Reporter

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) Secretary General Gilbert Mangole says Tlokweng has never been a priority for government.
Mangole stated that Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) MPs have indicated that the reason why the party leader Ian Khama was delaying to sign a writ of election for Tlokweng by-election, was because the constituency was not a priority. Speaking during a political rally at Kgale Farms in the Tlokweng Constituency on Sunday, Mangole revealed that the BDP MPs stated that they are busy with Parliament business and there is no how the writ could be issued while Parliament was still sitting.

Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) issued the writ last week Thursday, a day before Parliament went on recess. The by-election, which follows the death of the area MP Same Bathobakae, will be held on the 13th of May this year.“The reason why they delayed is because they wanted Parliament to go for break.

This is absolute disrespect for Tlokweng Constituents. We have also learnt that the aim was that once Parliament goes on recess then ministers and some of the MPs would be allocated wards in the constituency to focus on in campaigns. “They are also planning to distribute blankets in the constituency to lure voters as they did in previous by-elections,” said Mangole who is also MP for Mochudi West.

The legislator told the rally that very soon the BDP would be invading the constituency. He said if the BDP cared about Tlokweng residents, President Khama could have long signed the writ. Mangole argued that electorates in Tlokweng have been denied political representation in Parliament during the budget speech.
“No one was there during the budget speech to speak about needs of Tlokweng residents.

This is because BDP government disrespects you. They did not care that you do not have an MP who could put on the table challenges that you are facing because all they cared about was for them to stabilise their internal fights in Tlokweng.

“We hear that they fear that they would lose the constituency.
What you should do is to ensure that you deny them (BDP) your vote because they have denied you the right to be represented in Parliament during a crucial time,” stated Mangole.

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