‘I was pregnant with snakes’

18th April 2017
Kgabele Motlhagodi Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

God has called us to heal this nation - Prophetess

When the leader of Solution House by Jesus Christ Church Prophetess
Kebelaele Ditsebe recently announced through this publication that she could heal HIV/AIDS and cancer, there were mixed feelings.
Some members of the public called her fake, while others believed that the power of God was operating through her.  

According to the prophetess, Batswana spend much money on health specialists while ‘God has graced her with the gift of healing.’ This past Sunday, The Midweek Sun reporter YVONNE MOOKA visited the church in Mochudi. The mood is that of people in celebration. In the front is a group of around five people carrying white papers stating their problems. A young man has his sheet written ‘Termination of scholarship’. He tells Ditsebe that he recently lost his Russian scholarship after learning that he needed a new Visa.

The prophetess asks to see him today (Wednesday) and the assurance is that he will return to Russia to continue with his studies. A woman in her late 40s has a paper stating ‘Husband wants divorce’. She is assured that he will return home after seven days. The prophetess goes around laying hands on the congregants and tells a man in his 50s that the HIV in him is healed and that he should have faith.

She later calls everyone who has HIV forth and prays for their healing. She then tells them to return to the hospital to test again, as their results would be negative, and return to the church to share their testimony of healing.

Perhaps, a moment that clearly everyone had been waiting for, four women are brought to the front to testify that they have been healed after being prayed for. The principle in the church, according to every one of them is that they should be honest about their healing. Emeldah Molatole: The 34-year-old woman shared her one-and-half-year old son (who is known as Prophet in the church), had been healed of Retino Blastoma, a rare form of cancer that rapidly develops from the immature cells of a retina, the light-detecting tissue of the eye. The toddler had to be operated on in his eye. She said she had travelled to “many places and to popular prophets in South Africa” but received no help. “Local nurses told me the condition was going to get worse if the eye is not operated on, it would affect the other eye,” she said. The child was put on chemotherapy. The eye would later be removed and he was put on chemotherapy.

‘There were fears that his remaining eye would be removed too,” she said. Molatole pointed out that she met a stranger at a mall who told her about the female pastor featured in The Midweek Sun saying she could heal HIV and cancer, and she traced and found her.

The child was prayed for and when she went back to South Africa for a scheduled examination, doctors said the tumors had disappeared. She had brought the photos of her son to show how he was before and after the prayers. “The God in this church is real. I haven’t been bought by anyone to say what I’m saying, my child no longer has cancer and I’m very happy!” she said.

Dibue Matlhaga, 75 years old.
She first visited the church two years ago. She had cervical cancer and high blood pressure for seven years. “The moment the prophetess saw me, she prayed for me and told me I was healed, and I believed it,” she said. The smiling granny showed off her medical cards as evidence. The writing on the medical documents indicated that she had been cleared of cervical cancer as of December 2, 2014.

Speaker three
The 18-year old young woman said she first came to the church this year March 31 during the Prayer Warriors’ service.  She could not walk as she had four boils, one of which was the size of a human head in her private parts, and it closed her genitalia. She was also HIV positive.
“When I came here, I could not walk and I was aided by my grandmother and other people.” She was prayed for and after her surgery, was told that she had no HIV. Her operation also healed quite fast and she could walk freely again. “If you have faith in God, HIV is nothing,” said the teenager, who also brought her medical card that showed that she tested Negative from Positive last month.

Last speaker
Kgabele Motlhagodi, 51, told the shocked audience that she was pregnant for over 10 months. Prophetess Ditsebe said that when she came to the church on March 10, God told her that she was pregnant with a snake. “We prayed for her and the snake wanted to come out and the nurses in the church got ready.
The creature wanted to come out from the anus. Finally, in the middle of the night, she gave birth to a snake, and came back to the church on Tuesday. She gave birth to the second snake the same week,” she said.

The woman confirmed this story and said that she had thought hers was a prolonged pregnancy. She stated that she had consulted traditional doctors who wanted huge amounts of money from her. “Unfortunately, I have no camera phone. I could have taken photos,” she said. She had also brought medical papers that showed she had prolonged pregnancy. “Satan is powerless. Faith works. I knew God was going to fight for me,” she said.
Prophetess Ditsebe said that she wanted to meet President Ian Khama to share with him her wish to pursue God’s work. Her take is that Khama has love for the welfare of his nation. “Will government allow me to heal diseases tormenting people of this country? Some of these diseases require spiritual doctors,” she said.
She was however quick to point out that she does not stop people from taking medication.
 She said that she has prayed for people with HIV and they went back to test and came back negative. She also cited an incident when she prayed for a woman whose womb had been removed.
“God gave her a new one,” she said proudly. Prophetess Ditsebe said that critics who claim that she stages miracles do not understand the power of God.

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