Masisi buries Molefhi in BDP Women election

27th March 2017
SISI BOY: VP Masisi will be happy his women overpowered the enemy faction Source:The Midweek Sun

Vice President, Mogweetsi Masisi’s camp surprised many when it rose from the ashes on Saturday in Maun to clinch 13 out of the 16 available positions at the party Women’s Wing congress.

Following the recent losses during the Tsabong elective Botswana Democratic Party Youth League (BDPYL) congress where only one member in the entire committee came from the Masisi camp, many immediately started writing Masisi’s political obituary.

Two weeks ago, the Masisi camp lost two key regions, Gaborone and Francistown to Nonofo Molefhi in the respective elective congresses by those regions. The two consecutive losses seemed to have sealed Masisi’s fate. On the other hand, Molefhi was considered unassailable. Masisi and Molefhi are in a contest to control party structures ahead of the party congress next year where the two will face off for the position of party chairman.

Come 2019, the two will be seeking a mandate from BDP members to become the party president and its presidential candidate. Masisi is currently the Vice President and chairman of the BDP. Both Masisi and Molefhi lobby list had Dorcus Makgato for chairperson of the BDP Women’s Wing hence she was returned unopposed.

The positon of deputy chair was filled by Veronica Lesole after beating Kgalalelo Mokgweetsi by 335 votes to 165. The new secretary general is Neo Maruapula who got 263 votes to Tshenolo Leshomo’s 241.

Both Lesole and and Maruapula are from the Masisi lobby while Mokgweetsi and Leshomo are aligned to Molefhi. Sensing the mood in the hall and smarting from the two losses, Molefhi’s supporters decided to give up the fight, allowing, Bridget Mavuma, Orefitlhetse Masire and Pearl Markus, all pro-Masisi, to take the positions of deputy secretary general, treasurer and deputy treasurer, unopposed.

Out of the 16 additional members to the BDPWW, ten of them, Pinny Morupisi, Lillian Sethula, Tiny Diniko, Lillian Sethula. Maruala Dau, Mercia Sebonaphe, Tlotlano Phila, Tlotlano Pillar, Ellen Shoro and Kgomotso Seduke, are pro-Masisi.

Only two of the additional members, Banyana Sekgwe and Talita Monnakgotla swear by Molefhi. Meanwhile, a visibly distraught Makgato, a known Molefhi supporter, called on the new committee to unite and build the party. “There are no winners or losers among us. We need to unite and work hard for the party together,” she said.

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