Charma Gal’s ‘Mmokolodi’ song shared on social media is only a demo

27th March 2017
CHARMA GAL: Magdelene Lesolebe Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Charma Gal (Magdeline Lesolebe) has told The Midweek Sun that her new song ‘Ke ya Mmokolodi’, which her excited fans are currently sharing on social media, is nothing but a demo which is not yet mixed and mastered to perfection.

She said the finished version of the song will be released next week together with her new album which she said she will be prepared to discuss next week.
“For the song to be currently on social media was a grave mistake as we never had an intention to give my fans a song that is not yet complete, lacking mixing and mastering.

“The song which is currently in circulation does not sound like the original version in the album as it is lacking a lot of musical elements which can only be fitted during mixing and mastering. In short, what they have in their phones is completely different from the final version of the song I have with me,” she said.

She explained that when they were in the middle of the album recording, they decided to take the demo for ‘Ke ya Mmokolodi’ to Duma FM for a radio presenter to come up with a jingle using bits of some lyrics and sound from the song, only for the radio presenter to share the song on social media thinking that it was an original and final version of the song.

“A Batswana ba emele Mmokolodi o o ko go nna ka gore ke one o o tshwereng gotlhe. All the answers and questions pertaining to this current album will be revealed next week when my new album will be introduced to my fans across the country,” she told The Midweek Sun.

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