Guma, Olopeng money fail to win votes for Masisi

16th March 2017
MONEY MONEY MONEY: Guma has been accused of buying votes by his fellow BDP men Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Scores of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) delegates from the Francistown region thronged Donga Community Junior Secondary School last weekend to elect their regional executive which will vote in the BDP July national congress.

Before voting, it was clear that the delegates were infuriated by allegations that the Moyo Guma-led camp was flaunting money to lure votes to their side. Many were heard swearing that no amount of money will ever blind them again as they unanimously vowed to protect the ‘integrity’ of the party.

MP for Francistown West Ignatius Moswaane said that his camp, which will be supporting Nonofo Molefhi during the party’s national congress, has the interest of BDP at heart as opposed to other members who have developed a “penchant to buy votes,” something he said will no longer work.

He continued that they worked very hard to lure voters on their side without promising them any amount of money. Moswaane continued that it is high time Batswana are taught about the importance of voting where money is not involved.

“Money politics has no space in this present-day society where a good number of graduates are roaming the streets with no jobs at all. These guys are intelligent enough not to be bribed through empty promises. We need a leadership that has never been tested before hence our decision as the Francistown region to put our weight behind Molefhi’s campaign,” Moswaane explained.

The newly-elected Francistown regional chairperson, Baemedi Medupi, could not hide his excitement following his victory. He told The Midweek Sun that the camp sponsored by Moyo Guma and Thapelo Olopeng went around during campaigns “bribing delegates with a lot of money in return for favours.”He said it was not the first time the likes of Guma have flaunted money to achieve an end within the political space, but added that the era of bribing delegates has long passed as people are now interested in real politics whereby aspiring political candidates use logic to lure votes on their side as opposed to cash.

“I am proud that I have won without any cash in my pocket yet I have floored those who flashed cash unnecessarily. With my team in the driving seat, we are assured that the integrity of BDP will be improved for the better,” Medupi said.

Francistown East MP Buti Billy said their win was a clear indication that no amount of cash can fool electorate where logic and common sense exist. He said his team campaigned with a lowly budget and admitted that he is a staunch supporter of Molefhi for the party’s chairmanship and ultimately the presidency when Khama leaves office next year.

At the congress, both Guma and Olopeng declined to comment on the accusations that they often use money to win votes, which the winning camp says they also did this past weekend. However, when contacted for comment again this week, Guma said it was an insult to him to be accused of ‘bribing voters.’ He said: “They should find a better word to use, not ‘bribe,’” Olopeng on the other hand could not respond this week as his phone rang unanswered.   

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