Knives out for BDP youth leader

13th March 2017
UNDER SIEGE: Simon Mavange-Moabi Source:The Midweek Sun


By Nicholas Mokwena - Reporter

Newly elected Botswana Democratic Party National Youth Executive Committee is said to have hatched a plan to suspend its chairman, Simon Mavange-Moabi.

The committee chairman’s fault has been his participation in a youth business workshop in Tati West Constituency without the knowledge of his committee members. Mavange-Moabi was recently invited to a youth activity in the constituency.

This is said to have annoyed some NYEC members as they questioned the capacity of his involvement in the constituency. The committee decided to wait for the chairman to explain himself before action could be taken. It is understood that some NYEC members had wanted the action to be taken while others called for calm to allow Mavange-Moabi to explain his actions.

NYEC has been divided since assuming office following the youth elective congress held in Tsabong early last month. In an unusual incident, NYEC held its inaugural press conference in the absence of its chairman. In an interview with The Midweek Sun this week, Mavange-Moabi said he was not aware of the matter. Mavange-Moabi said the activity he participated in should not be a cause for concern.

He explained that as a businessman he would be availing his expertise to those who want to learn a thing or two from him. “As we speak I am in Johannesburg heading to China on a business engagement. I always share what I learn from other entrepreneurs across the world with locals whenever they request my service. There was also no need for me to inform the committee so I think the decision to suspend me would be ill-advised,” he said.
Mavange-Moabi’s deputy Vuyo Notta could not be reached for comment at press time.

In a dramatic twist of events in Tsabong, candidates who vied for the Chairmanship of NYEC are all in the executive committee holding various positions. The other initial six contenders for the chairmanship found their way into the committee after failing to win the seat. The rules of the youth wing allow for a candidate to be nominated from the floor which was used during the youth congress.

Sources say a raging war is awaiting the current chairman as the executive is allegedly planning to reshuffle and deploy Mavange-Moabi to a less powerful position. In the outgoing committee led by Andy Boatile, Mavange-Moabi was the Secretary General. It is not yet clear which position he would be deployed to in the devised plan. Those who ran for the chairmanship with Mavange-Moabi were Thabo Autlwetse, Bruce Nkgakile, Ronnie Kgathi, Vuyo Notta and Fox Segwai.

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