Rejection will not break her

13th March 2017
Prophetess Ditsebe Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

If there are people who constantly face persecutions and attacks in Botswana, and maybe worldwide, it is prophets. This is an observation by Prophetess Kebelaele Ditsebe of Solution House By Jesus Christ Church in Mochudi.

But she says it is Biblical as it is written in the book of Mark 6:4 that ‘A prophet is not without honour except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.’ When she started the church ten years ago, she faced rejection from local servants of God who saw her as a false prophet who was only after people’s money.

She has observed that of all the five-fold ministry in the Bible, being teachers, apostles, evangelists, prophets and pastors, prophets are the most criticised. “The ministry of prophecy and deliverance is not welcome in this country.

Some people see us as crooks,” she says, however, stating that when God called her, He told her that she was going to prophesy, heal and deliver His people, after which she would send them to go out to other Pentecostal churches to witness.
Sadly, she says the people she healed faced harsh criticism and rejection from pastors from those churches.

Prophetess Ditsebe recalls one time when one of her church members was secretly called by one of the local pastors, who asked her where she (Ditsebe) gets her healing powers from. She says there was gossip around that she buys her healing and prophetic powers from Zimbabwe, something she flatly denies, saying God is behind her anointing.

“They say I use false powers to heal people of God, because they don’t want to believe that God can work through me,” she says, revealing however that she has been to Nigeria before to Prophet T.B.Joshua’s SCOAN. She also says she was once called a Nigerian because God was using her to heal cancer, HIV/AIDS and sugar Diabetes, among others.

Another painful incident, she recalls, was in 2010 when she was summoned to a police station in Mochudi where she was accused of forcing people to stop taking their medication saying she will heal them. “This was all a lie as I go to the hospital when I’m not well and take medication myself,” she says.

Explaining briefly what happened, she says, she had prayed for healing of a woman who stopped taking tablets through the instruction of her (patient’s) son, something he even admitted before the police. Again, Prophetess Ditsebe says she has raised prophets in her church, who are also facing rejection from other churches where the gift of prophecy is not exercised.

“My afflictions come from other men and women of God, not from the world,” she says. As someone who spends time in prayer, the prophetess says hers is a Bible-based church which does not allow hypocrisy and sin. For example, she says people who want to continue with fornication, drinking of alcohol and other unbiblical principles see her as ‘that prophetess who wants to oppress people and put them in bondage.’

But she remains unfazed. “If Christians want to live anyhow, what message are they sending to the unsaved out there? I’d rather people leave my church than entertain hypocrisy,” she says. She expresses hurt when she recalls how she has been accused of stealing and misusing church money by some people in and out of her church.

But she is adamant that as a businesswoman, she has no time for church money and has structures in place for control of church finances. “I don’t even preach about money,” she says, saying up until three years back, she was paying rent for the church.

But what keeps her going? This is the story that she is going to share this week at the church’s 10th anniversary. She says the love of God has kept her throughout the years. Her encouragement to other servants of God is that they should keep trusting Him. She also urges them not just to read the Bible, but to live it.

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