American pastor threatens Kabelo Eric

16th December 2016
SEEKING RESPECT: Kabelo Eric Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Botswana award-winning gospel singer Kabelo Eric this week pulled out of a Gospel show scheduled for Friday at Stanbic Bank Piazza.

The show, whose highlight is South African Gospel heavyweight Winnie Mashaba, is organised by American national, Prophet Chris Talley. He leads a church called Restoration Temple in Gaborone. An agreement letter which The Midweek Sun is in possession of, shows that the two signed a contract on November 23, 2016, that Eric would be performing on December 16 for 45 minutes at a cost of P10 000.

They agreed that the prophet would pay a deposit of P5000 on December 2, which Eric says has not happened. It was also agreed that the remaining half would be paid on the day of the event before Eric’s performance. However, the Ae Phethehe Thato Ya Hao hit-maker tells this publication that Talley has been intimidating him when he asks him about money.

“When I ask about my money, he says I’m not spiritually mature, and he tells me that the devil fights the move of God and that only mature Christians stand in the face of oppositions,” says the artist, adding that other local artists are ‘afraid’ to ask Talley about the deposit that he owes them. The prophet is reported to have lost his initial band which was supposed to have started rehearsals with artists.

“They refused to rehearse before deposit is paid,” states Eric, revealing that Talley had to look for another band. The two met through another Gospel artist Suggie Fisher, who is said to be in a relationship with Talley. Church members say the two are getting married soon. Fisher is also expected to perform at the Friday show.

The F-Word
The Midweek Sun is in possession of a voice recording of a message sent by the prophet to Eric last week, in which he was threatening the singer. Talley is furious that Eric ‘talks behind my back’ about the money and he is telling him to stop before he deals with him. “Don’t f**k with me man. If you have anything to say, say it to my face me, bro. Don’t go behind my back saying bulls**t about me,” he swears, adding, “Look, I can pay you this P10 000 and cancel this show and kick your mutherfu***ng ass.

You hear me? Seriously I don’t play.” Eric, on the other hand says he pulled out of the show to preserve his self-worth. “I have been in this industry for more than 10 years. Any show where I feel taken for granted, I pull out,” he says, adding that his gesture is also an example to local artists to take their brands with utmost seriousness. Prophet Talley’s phones rang unanswered, after he had promised to call this reporter back. At one point, Fisher answered Talley’s phone and said the prophet would call back, which he never did. Fisher also refused to be interviewed, and hung up on the reporter.

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